A story for kids with morals Long, long ago, there lived a young man named Ramu…He was poor but ambitious.

The king of the land once dreamed that a jackal was jumping up and down his beautiful palace. The jackal looked not only ugly but also mischievous. The king shrieked in disgust and woke up.

He narrated his dream to his ministers, But none of them could give him a satisfactory explanation for it. He narrated it to his courtiers, They too were baffled.

Then the opportunity for explaining the dream was thrown open to the public. Several pundits tried to satisfy the king their interpretations. But the king was not satisfied.

The king then declared that whoever would give him a convincing explanation of the dream, would be rewarded with a.hundred gold coins.

Ramu heard the announcement while he was Leaving .for his hut after a day s labor in his hold. He sat down under a tree, sighed, and said, How nice would it be if I had known the meaning of the dream! Alas, such thoughts come to me only in vain!

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Do you wish to know the meaning of the king s dream? A sweet’ voice was heard from the top of the tree. Ramu- looked upward and saw a beautiful, colorful, little bird sitting on a branch. o sweet, little bird! why don t you tell me the meaning of the dream if you know it? said Ramu entreatingly.

The bird flapped its wings and came down to a lower branch. I will tell you the meaning, it said, if you promise to give me half of the reward you would receive from the king. Ramu immediately agreed to the condition. The bird. then said, The jackal jumping up and down the palace is the symbol of the kingdom and the jackal is the symbol of that evil. The king should be very cautious in dealing with his officers and ‘his subjects.

Ramu thanked the bird and started walking towards the royal palace. When he arrived there, it was already evening. The king still sat in his audience hall, listening to scholars, astrologers, and priests who had come from far and near to help him understand his dream. But from the pensive look of the king, Ramu could guess that he had not at all been satisfied with their explanations.

And Ramu saluted the king and offered to explain the dream. He, however, wanted to speak to the king privately.

The king asked all the courtiers and visitors to leave the hall. Ramu then told the king what he had learned from the bird. The king was completely satisfied Withe the explanation. Ramu received a hundred gold coins as his reward. Besides, he was introduced to the ministers and courtiers by the king himself as an expert in explaining dreams. He was entertained at a royal banquet at night. In the morning Ramu took leave of the king and started for his village.

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Ramu was very happy with the money he had received. But he felt sad at the thought of having to part with half of it. He returned to his village by a different route whereby he avoided meeting the bird.

Ramu built a fine house. got married, and lived as a prosperous man. He was not required to work in his field. Hired hands did it for him.

Some years passed; One day the king s commander met him and told him of a strange dream which the king had dreamed lately His Majesty had ordered Ramu to appear before him as soon as possible.

Ramu had trepidations, but he promised to proceed to the capital the next morning.

The king had dreamt of a dazzling dagger swinging around his palace, particularly around the tower of the palace. Ramu thought about the dream throughout the night. But no explanation struck him. In the morning, he went near the. forgotten tree and approached the wise bird, almost with tears in his eyes.

I will tell you the meaning of the dream provided you promise to give me half the reward you receive the from-the king. Ramu gladly agreed to the condition. The bird said The dream means, there is violence in the air. The dagger’
is the symbol of violence; the palace is the symbol of the kingdom; the tower is the symbol of the head of the kingdom- the king. The kingdom and the king are surrounded by enemies who are plotting to let loose anarchy. The king should be always on his guard.

Ramu met the king after a few hours and explained the dream to his satisfaction. The king gave him a thousand gold coins as a rewarding

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Ramu, on his way back to his village, again felt sad at the thought of the bird s share of the money. If he did not give anything to the bird this time, perhaps the little creature only gets angry and complain against him to the king. Ramu picked up a rough piece of stone and kept it ready in his hand

When he came near the tree, the bird hopped down to a lower branch to talk to him. But Ramu promptly hurled the stone at it with the
intention of killing it. The bird escaped, though it got slightly hurt.

Ramu became morose at his failure to kill the bird. But he forgot all about it soon. Five years later again the king s messenger called on Ramu and told him about the’ latest strange dream the king had dreamed. This time it was tender, snow-white dove flying around the palace and settling down on the king slap. Ramu had been asked to proceed to the palace as soon as he could. The king was anxious to get an explanation for his dream.

Ramu did not know what to do. He expressed his unwillingness to go to the palace. The messenger left him but a few hours later the king s commander appeared before him. The commander explained to him that if he had’ the audacity to disrespect the king the next, day… After the commander left, Ramu wept bitterly and cursed himself for his past conduct towards the bird.

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How could he go to it again? However, his repentance gave him courage and early in the morning he went and stood under the tree which sheltered the wise bird. Soon the bird s voice was heard; Has the king asked you to explain any new dream of his? What is it about? Ramu narrated the dream. The bird then said, Will you give me half of the reward if I tell you the meaning of the dream?

Believe me, 0 wonderful bird! I will give you all I get! promised Ramu. The bird said. The. the dream means, now the air. is full of peace and trust. The king has nothing to fear from any quarters any longer. Let him devote himself to noble works, without any anxiety about anything, internal or external.

Ramu thanked the bird and proceeded to meet the king. It was late in the afternoon when he reached the palace. The king received .him in the royal garden. Ramu explained the dream to the king s satisfaction. The happy king gave him ten thousand gold coins.

Ramu had learned to ride horses. He galloped to the bird as fast as he could. When the bird saw Ramu and hopped down to a lower branch, Ramu said,

O kind, wise bird! forgive me for my past conduct. l have wept with repentance for having betrayed you. Here is all the money i have received from the king today. Please accept the whole reward. Tomorrow I will bring you your share of what! had received earlier

The bird said in a voice sweeter than ever, I don t blame you very much for your past conduct. The first time you were treacherous towards me because treachery was in the air. Second .time you were violent because violence was in the air. Now you are faithful to me because peace and trust are in. the air. You are, like any other average man, ruled by the spirit which dominates the atmosphere. There are very few persons who are not influenced by what is in the air. You are obviously not one of them; I too never expected you to be one of them.

The bird flapped its wings and.prepared to fly away. Ramu said, But please do hot forget to take this money! The bird said again. What use could I make of money? I live on fruits and live on a tree. If I needed money, I could personally go to the king and explain his dreams to him! So, I wish you a happy time with your money. Spend as much of it as you can for the welfare of your village. Goodbye!

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