Lion And The Mouse Story In English his a good short Inspiration moral story for kids to learn some best moral value if you like that story please comment below

Once upon a time in the forest of Sasan Gir Lion, the king of the forest lived, with his family. One summer day he was sleeping under a big peepal tree, there was a small hole. there lived a mouse. He came out of his hole and saw a lion sleeping with big snores. and he thought the lion was sleeping, and would not kill me. So he could play near him without any fear. and He was brave and he started to run all over the body of the lion. Suddenly the lion woke up and caught the mouse in its paw

the lion and mouse story in english
lion and the mouse

The lion and mouse got frightened and pleaded with the king

The mighty king of the forest, please let me go I will be grateful to you. One day I will .be of great help to you.

The lazy lion roared loudly with a laugh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…

And Said, You are no bigger than my toe

Lion and mouse story in English

That you can help me? It Is not possible Any way you have amused me with your wands I should not eat you

So he let the mouse go free. And the mouse thanked the hon by saying. Thank you for sparing my life, your majesty. Please do not thank that I am so small that I will not be of any use to you. One day I shall certainly repay you back to showing kindness towards me. The mouse then ran into the hole

After a month or so. the lion was walking in the forest with his friends. And he was a little slow because he was thirsty and wanted to drink water He was nearing the river, and suddenly he was Caught a trap net land by a hunter. Its strength was not enough to tear the net into small pieces. He was tried hard but in vain.

Lion and mouse story in English

Hon began to roar loudly in anger. The mouse was sleeping in the hole. so he woke up on hearing the mar. And the mouse went in the direction of the noise and saw the king lion might in a net. His friends were also surprised to see the small mouse running so hurriedly. They followed the mouse and came to the place where the lion was trapped

Hurrying forward the mouse went near the lion. And He was surprised to see the king lion who Spared its life caught in a net. Please be quiet and do not move your majesty, And I shall help you. the mouse told the lion.

The mouse started biting the net with its sharp teeth. And The lion watched in surprise. What it could not do with its great strength, so the little mouse was doing so easily. Soon the little mouse had bitten through the net and made a hole large enough for the lion to come out.

The lion jumped out of the net and shook hands with the mouse.

Forgive me, my friend, I did not take your words seriously. And You have shown me how even a little mouse can be of great use The lion said, so let us be friends from now onwards.

MORAL: Do not underestimate anyone or anything based on their size. Even the smallest of things or living beings have great use.

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