The Tortoise And The Geese

Once upon a time, the tortoise and the geese lived in a village called Rampur. In that village, there Was a pond Two geese used to come every winter to the pond to look for food from another place called Madanpur

On one trip they saw a tortoise in the Rampur pond.,The geese and the tortoise became friends. They spent many days talking ‘about their village and other beautiful things they used to see hear the Mountains. The tortoise wanted to see Madanpur

He asked the geese, My friends, will you take me to your beautiful Madanpur, after the winter is over

Why not

said the geese, Be our guest at Madanpur, our home

Soon the winter was over. The climate became warm. The geese decided to go back to their home to join with their relatives.

When they were about to leave the pond. they remembered the tortoise s request to visit Madanpur. Then geese thought that they could live together forever when winter came. They could come again to Rampur pond. So they’went near the tortoise asked, Friend, we are very close to each other and the thought of leaving you alone in this pond is breaking our hearts. Why don t you come along with us? We can return to this pond every winter.

‘The tortoise was very happy He asked

How can I come with you?

I can not fly. He was very disappointed that he would not be able to go with the geese.

But the geese replied, Don t worry, we have an idea to solve your problem. We will hold a stout stick between us in our beaks. You hold onto the middle of the stick with your mouth. In this way, we can all fly to our lake situated in Madanpur. Furter the geese told, Friend, our plan is good, but you have to be very careful,

at the time of our journey. You should not open your mouth. You will fall from the sky and die.

The tortoise thought for a while and agreed to be sure to keep his mouth closed around the stick all through his journey.

the tortoise and the geese new short story

I don t think it will be difficult at all, he said. Warning him once again the geese started their journey along with the tortoise to their lake across the sky. As they flew they had to pass many small villages. At every village, people came running out of their house to see the strange sight. They were shouting, Look, the tortoise is flying. Look the geese carry him between them. Everyone shouted including adults.

The tortoise wanted to tell them that he was going with his friends to the mountains, and there was nothing strange about it, but he remembered his friend’s warning and kept his mouth shut.

This has happened in every village. He thought himself, l have not come along with these geese, and no one would have ever noticed these birds. I am so great. All the villagers are running out to see me. Every village that they passed, they were greeted with cheering and shouting. Finally, the tortoise could not control himself any longer He felt he had to boast to his friends and he opened his mouth to speak.

I am As soon as he opened his mouth his hold on his stick was lost and he tumbled through the air and fell on the earth. with a bang. The tortoise. died at once.

The geese flew sadly away. If only he had not become so proud, they said he would have still been with us, and we could have been friends forever.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Pride goes before a fall

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