A Modernized thirsty crow moral stories are one of a great short story for kids to learn something new to improve your kid’s moral memory and encourage them how you work with active smartness modern thirsty crow story in English this story only for ‘class 1′ ‘class 2’ ‘class 3’ LKG Njoy

Once there was a place called Kakapur and the state of Rajasthan in India. But there used to be a large crow population in that village. and The rainfall in Rajasthan was very less, even during the rainy season. so Summer used to be very hot. because most of the sources of water dried up during summer. People used to be walking long distances to fetch water.

thirst crow bath video

Modern thirsty crow Kalia was one of the crows that lived in Kakapur. On one very hot summer day, Kalia was very thirsty. It flew everywhere in Kakapur in search of water. He could not find water at all.

The thirsty crow Kalia was getting tired. He decided to make one final trial in search of water. As he was flying he saw a pot on the ground. He thought that- there could be some water in the pot. He flew near the pot and sat on its mouth. Luckily for Kalia, there was some water in the pot.

A Thirsty Crow Stories With Picture

The Thirsty Crow with picture

Because was very happy that he found water at last. But alas! Kalia could not drink the water, because the water was very little and it was found at the bottom of the pot. Sitting on the top of the mouth of the pot Kalia tried reaching the water. But he could not even touch the water.

But Kalia was sad again. because his thirst became worse. He needed water to quench his thirst. But Kalia was a brave and intelligent crow. So He started thinking. and suddenly an idea struck in his mind. and He thought of a plan.

Kalia knew if he put the heavy stones the water level in the pot would raise. He started to make his plan work. He fly around collecting pebbles in the pot one by one. The water level started rising.

After some time the water was very close for Kalia to drink. Happily, Kalia drank the water. His thirst had gone and he became very energetic. He flew away happily and lived in Kakapur for a long time. He used to tell this story to his children and his grandchildren. Everyone enjoyed the story and learned lots of good ideas from Kalia. please comment below

Moral of the story: If there is a will there is away

Thirsty Crow Story In Hindi

प्यासा कौआ कहानी हिंदी में अगर आप पूरी कहानी पढ़ना चाहते हैं, तो कृपया नीचे टिप्पणी करें, मैं फिर से लिखूंगा कहानी हिंदी में और आप गूगल ट्रांसलेट का उपयोग कर सकते हैं अपनी भाषा का चयन करें और पढ़ें

Thirsty Crow Story In English ppt

If you want to download the hole stories in ppt please comment below I will make a ppt file for that story

Modern Thirsty crow story in English writing

How to write a short story ? as you know the most popular kid’s short story is the thirsty crow story how you write first of all you need to consider what is the main character of the story most of the people writing the same story with the same concept you don’t need that you want to think the differences and using a most interesting word

Story writing planning for thirsty crow in English

  • You can use a funny and interesting name for a crow
  • Using a good name of the village were leaving the crow
  • How to make a good decision if you face some problem
  • How to plan suddenly the crow look a small piece of stone

You can think about how long going your modern thirsty crow story if you want a more interesting long story you can use some of the good funny concepts like. “A crow was very thirsty fly over a sky and suddenly look in the ground found a pot then….. ” if you want for minimum 200-300 word crow story you can use that method if you want longer then I already told you that


What is the moral of thirsty crow story in English

Moral of the story: If there is a will there is away

How to thirsty crow drink water

He started to make his plan work. He fly around collecting pebbles and through into the pot one by one. The water level started rising.

What is the best short moral story for kids

Moralstory.org is one of the best websites for reading good short moral stories with the best moral values

Here is a second short story like a thirsty crow

Clever Fish One day, a fisherman would be fishing to a river
as usual, He throws his net into the river And he just sat waiting there for fish together So that He could sell a lot of fish in the market

fish story-thirsty crow
clever fish

And get some good money from the fish after sometimes fisherman hooked relevant basil in the net Thinking that, he just be got a lot of fish in the net

He acted to count the net out of the water But then he saw there is one tiny little fish in that net but then suddenly the fish start to talking to him said to the fisherman

Oh fisherman, please please please, leave me please leave me but fisherman did not give any attention to the request of the fish

But then again, the tiny little fish said to the fisherman oh fisherman, I will tell you something which is a huge help If you leave me back in the water

I will tell all my friends about you. And I bring them to the bank coffee first. So, when you come next time you have much more fish Fisherman talk to himself

clever fish story in english thirsty crow
clever fish story

WOW, That is not bad He was thinking. He found… One tiny little fish today Tomorrow I will get a lot of fish Fisherman, Let’s go the start to little fish into the river again The tiny little fish was really happy happily into the river

Never to come back Poor fisherman He came the next day and expected There is a lot of fish with was very clever

And because the clever net He sells his life from the fisherman So, gerund. Most of you have to be really really clever


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