The crocodile and the monkey story

Chambal is a very large and dense forest. In the forest ran a beautiful river called Nallar. Once upon a time, there lived a fox called Kullan, in the Chambal forest. and Many crocodiles also lived in the river Nallar. Mandu was one such crocodile. In the middle of the river, And there was an island that had a large number of fruit trees. So There was a large tree on the bank of the river Nallar.

A large troop of monkeys lived in that tree. Mandu, the crocodile, and Kullan, the fox was very good friends. One clay Mandu s wife Mandavi asked her husband that she wanted to taste the heart of a monkey. Mandu replied that it was difficult for him to catch a monkey as they lived on trees. But Mandavi insisted that she had heard that Monkey s heart was very tasty and so she must have one to eat. but She also told Mandu unless he bought a monkey s heart. She would desert him.

Mandu was very sad. He was lying on the bank of the river Nallar and was crying. and Mandu friend Kullan, the fox came to the river for drinking water. kullan saw Mandu crying and asked Mandu, Why are you so sad my friend? Mandu replied,
Oh, my friend, my cruel-wife wants to eat the heart of a monkey. How can I catch a monkey? You know that ‘i can not climb trees and monkeys live on trees? Mandu started crying aloud. Kullan said Don t worry my friend.
I am here to help you. I shall give you a nice plan to catch a monkey.

The crocodile and the monkey

the crocodile and the monkey story with picture

Now, listen to my plan carefully. There is a small island in the middle of the river where there are many fruit trees. But monkeys have not tasted these fruits as they can not swim and go. there. You can swim, can t you Mandu? asked Kullan. You’ll swim very well; I can carry you also on my back. Well, said Kullan, That is exactly what I want you to do.

Kullan told, Mandu, get some fruits from the island and leave it on the bank. Monkeyswiil tastes them. Talk to them that you have brought them with great difficulty. Because If the monkeys come on your back to the island they can bring a lot. Promise them that you will bring them back. Take one by one and giver their heart to your wife and their body to me.

Wow! my friend Kullan, your plan is wonderful…Thank you, said Mandu. The next day Mandu brought some fruits from the island and put it on the banks near the tree where monkeys lived. ‘ Kapilesh was a young and energetic monkey. He was intelligent too. He saw the new fruits that are placed on the banks. Slowly he came down and tasted one. Kapish was happy and he shouted, Oh! these fruits are good. Where have they come from?

Moral Story The crocodile and the monkey for class 6

I brought it to my friend. and said Mandu I want to be your friend. I can help you to play in the water and go to the island to eat more of these fruits. and I can easily carry you on my back. Mandu and Kapish became very good friends. Everyday Mandu used to bring fruits to Kapish and took Kapish for a small ride into the river.

One day Mandu s wife scolded him for- not bringing monkey s heart for her dinner. And Mandu promised her that he would bring a monkey s heart the next day… And The next day Kapish asked, Mandu ! will you take me to the island today? I want to eat a lot of those fruits.


Why not? I shall surely take you today. SaidMandu. Kapish sat on Mandu s back. Mandu started going towards the island. As he was nearing the island Mandu told Kapish, My friend, we are not going to the island to eat fruits. I am, going to remove your heart and give it to my wife and your body to my friend Kullan.

and Saying that Mandu laughed HA! HA! HA! You know Kapish, my wife likes your heart continued Mandu. And Kapish was shocked and he understood the danger. He thought for a while and suddenly,
HAA! HAA! HAA! HOO! HO! HOO! laughed Kapish. Why are you laughing kapilesh? because Are you not afraid of death? and asked Mandu. No, I am not afraid of death. said Kapish and continued, so i am only sad that you may have to disappoint your wife. So You will not find my heart In my body and Kapilesh said. I am very sorry my friend Mandu.

What? You don t have your heart here. Where is it? Do not cheat your friend. Immediately Kapish replied sadly, My good friend! Will, I ever Cheat you, I want to make you happy.

The crocodile and the monkey moral story for kids

I want to present my heart to your wife happily? so Mandu was happy and he said, Is it so? Then where is your heart? Kapish replied, Hey! My friend I left my heart on the tree where I live. Mandu immediately said,

You cheat and come fast We will go and bring your heart Kapish said, gladly my dearest friend Mandu, please turn back and go fast to the tree. As they were going near the bank of the river Nallar, and Kapish jumped on the bank and climbed the tree.


And He called Mandu from the tree and said You fool! MANDU, my heart is always with me. Everyone has his heart in his body. So You also have it. and it can not be removed and kept away… You will never be able to get my heart. And I am very sorry that I had a cruel and foolish friend Like you. I should have realized your cunning behavior’ as a friend of fox Kullan.

Because I will never be friends with you hereafter. Go away. and Mandu understood that Kapish had tricked him. And He became very sad and swam back to his wife.

moral of the story: Never trust a stranger Know one s friend you will know who they are. Move with your own clan.

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