bible short story for kids THE GENUINE RELIGION

Saladin, the mighty Sultan of Babylon, once. faced a financial crisis. He had spent all his wealth on several martial expeditions. And When money was needed for very urgent work, he did not know whom to ask for it. There lived-an old Jew in Alexandria who was the richest of money- lenders. so Saladin thought of requesting the old man to lend him. bible story for kids

bible story for kids with pictures
bible story for kids with pictures

the money he needed. But some of his ministers told him that the old man would never ‘ oblige’ the Sultan for the simple reason that he would not be able to do anything if the Sultan ‘ did not repay him. Saladin was advised to apply force to get the required money from the Jew. .. Saladin thought that there should be some. excuse stripping the old man of his wealth. People should be made to think that the old man was justly punished for some offense; Now, everybody knew that the old jew was too deeply devoted to his faith.

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An idea struck Saladin that if the Jew could be-led to utter some. words against other religions, that would be excuse enough to take over all his wealth as fine. The Jew was summoned to appear before Saladin. The Sultan told him, l hear that you are a very wise man. You have satisfied the quest of many people who want to know only one thing from you. Which one of the three faiths, namely Jewish, Mahommedan and Christian, is the genuine faith?

The old man remained silent for a moment. Then, in a sober but clear voice, he said,
great Sultan, your interesting question reminds me of a very old story. Once upon a time, there lived a prosperous man who had a charming ring made of diamond and some other rare stuff. He declared that whoever of his sons got the ring from him as a gift, should be considered as his chief heir. Before his death, the man passed on the ring to his favorite son who was duly recognized by all as the chief heir of the late nobleman…

bible story for kids with pictures

bible story for kids
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Many years later when his heir reached a ripe age, and he too did the same thing. He made a declaration similar to that of his father and gave the ring to one of his sons. Thus, it became a tradition in the family; the practice was repeated from generation to generation. Then it came to a person who had three sons, all good-natured and obedient to their father. The father loved all the three sons equally. Naturally, each son aspired to win the ring. The indulgent father privately promised the ring to each one.

Time rolled on and the father became conscious that’on account of age and illness his days were numbered. He secretly ordered a jeweler to make two rings in the model of the original ring. The new rings were made of the same’ stuff as the original one. Holding the three rings on his palm the old father himself failed to distinguish the old one from the new ones. He privately gave one ring to each of his sons. Soon after the death of the old man his sons found themselves in a perplexing situation as each one claimed to be the chosen heir of their father. Nobody could solve their peculiar problem. So, they went to the court of law. The court too has not yet been able to give its a verdict on the issue.

best bible story for kids with pictures

and My lord! The supreme father has given three codes of conduct to three communities of people who are his children. But the truth is, the father had equal love for all his children! and Saladin was extremely pleased with the wit of the old Jew. And So He gave up the idea of playing a trick on him and frankly told him what his real motive was. The Jew gladly provided Saladin with the money he needed. In due course, Saladin paid back the money. Moreover, because both of them became close friends and the old man was consulted by Saladin on various, matters of finance and diplomacy.

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