Story in English writing Today we are going to do something very important we are going to do story writing but more importantly, I’m going to show you how to plan a story a lot of times children simply pick up their pens or pencils and start writing the story and they start writing as the story develops in their head now that is not the right way because often you don’t complete all the elements of a story so story can be divided into five parts and if you lose out one of the parts then your story becomes very very difficult to read okay and then your teacher will tell you you’re repeating the same thing or your story begins somewhere.

And then it ends somewhere else you are flying in a helicopter suddenly you’re climbing a mountain you’ll get all kinds of bizarre things happening so, therefore, we must always very quickly plan of story okay this is not just for small children you should do it irrespective of whether you are doing primary or secondary or college or any exam that you’re doing if you’re writing. a story you need to plan it okay.

So let’s find out what are the elements of a story so the elements of a story are let’s look at from here setting characters problem-solution and plot five elements okay and where would you start planning that’s an important question very often I see stories written where you have started with the setting, okay and you have written talked to me about the forest and how there were lots of trees and flowers and squirrels were running around and the Sun was streaming in beautiful descriptions and you have a word limit of maybe 200 words and you have spent about 70 words.

Setting that will not make you a very good story because you are not asked to describe a setting you are asked to tell a story so you have to be very careful don’t start with the setting let us always start with the problem because then you cannot go wrong suppose you are asked to write an adventure story and you start with the problem there’s a tiger chasing you you start with the problem you have fallen down on the mountain.

The story in English writing

And you have sprained your ankle and you cannot walk anymore and there is a storm coming to see the problem is already taken care of the boy was kidnapped problem isn’t it the princess refuses to speak problem the ring was stolen problem so you decide what is the problem first the minute you decide the problem, guys, your work is done

Sit on it so let’s define the problem first so stolen ring you can just write small words like this stolen ring princess won’t eat what did I say then boy kidnapped see bus steps – two words you’ve written the problem down now it becomes easy for me so what’s the second one I have on my list second one is set so I want to know from where the ring was stolen

Where did they’ve kidnapped the boy from or why did they kidnap the boy we have got many I have ways like that so depending upon why and where and all these questions you will have to think of the setting was the boy kidnapped from school did they kidnap him when he was in the mall the princess is she sitting in her palace or has she been captured by somebody and so she is refused to eat

Short story in English writing

What about the stolen ring where did they steal it from the temple is it a magic cream do you think that they stole it from a jeweler because it’s a ring that is very very very very expensive what so this well if I think about this problem and I think about where it’s happening

I should be going to the setting and writing down I am going to say maybe the ring was stolen from a temple maybe the princess won’t eat and she’s in a palace and the boy was kidnapped from a mall so three I’m not saying all of this happens in the same story they’re all three different stories I’m just giving you an example.

So now I can marry happily describe the temple the palace and the mall and I’m going to write all those wonderful descriptive words I’m going to write adjectives I’m going to create an atmosphere all of those wonderful things I can do the okay simple story we are going to be writing a simple story, okay we’re not going into what of the genre and all that just going with a simple story

Moral story in English writing

Simple adventure story so you’ve got these three things I want to write a lot of setting no I’m going to limit my setting to maybe about 30 words very very short very quickly finish my setting because my teacher wants to know what happened how did I get kidnapped she wants to know what happened after I got kidnapped she wants to know all those things

She doesn’t want to spend time in the temple and the model describing what are the clothes hanging there how did the Poojari ring the bell and what was the smell of agarbatti around she does not want all that her big idea is sitting

Here and she is interested in this what are the actions that followed so the stolen ring we are going to ask all these questions how did the ring gets stolen so what is the first action is it the thief coming into the house at night is that the action for the stolen ring or is it the man dressing up as a worshipper and going to the temple how did it get

So the big question of how that is what you are going to answer here how did this happen how did the boy get kidnapped you might want to ask why you might want to write here why also why he got kidnapped but after you tell me how and why I want to jump straight into what happened here so second part there is what happened means where did they take the boy so there

Funny story in English writing

Will be a set of things that happened one two three four things that happened to the boy then they two or three things that happened shift she won’t eat why won’t she eat one line and then what happened what did the King do maybe he called all the princess Prince’s from the land and said anyone who makes her eat is going to get half my kingdom

Maybe he makes an announcement and then maybe two or three people come and tried different things so that is the action here not see this action or these events must come in as your plot so one two three four write them down in very simple small words or if you are looking at the boy who got kidnapped from the mall

We talked about the stolen ring all of these there are events that happen certain things that happened after it and there has to be a rising action what is the rising action a point where the boys almost get going to be killed so let us say he escapes from the kidnappers and he is hiding behind the sacks of grain in the godown and he feels like sneezing and he sure

That if he sneezes somebody is going to hear him so what does he do now this is a rising action where he is almost going to be caught and everyone is waiting to know what happened to the boy that’s rising action so you might have a lot of actions but you must have one action

Where it reaches the peak all you might have the stolen ring from the temple where some says go to the mountain ice mountain and there you have to find the ring that has been stolen it is magic and so you go to the mountain and you find that dragon waiting there and you have to beat the Dragon you’re the hero of the story so

You have to beat the dragon coming to this now you will come to the characters here so when you start making the plot you will suddenly realize oh wait a minute I need a dragon isn’t it so

Short story writing in English

Therefore I am going to write here who are the characters, first of all, me hero I want to be the hero or you might have another hero you might have a tall dark handsome man or you might have a pretty girl or you may have an ordinary girl or.

You might have a very clever girl depends on what you want to have so you decide who your character is then you might want a villain somebody who is going to somebody is going to stop you from doing it you might have other characters who are going to support you so I am going to the right where

I’m going to the right I am going to have a Poojari I am going to have a monster I am going to have a film star you decide who’s going to be in your story say you get to be the creator so you decide who’s going to be in your story and then you go back

And start writing what happened who came there who distracted them etc and the solution is how you escaped or found how the ring was found or in this case, we have got what did we have he and the ring we had the princess

Princess would be she starts heating so how did that happen so that those are your solutions so remember let’s look at it again first you look at the problem then you look at the setting then you look at the characters then you the plot and finally you look at the solution this is how you make your story

So copy that down in your notebooks sir do you remember how to do it and decide on a problem first guys, therefore, you start your story because if you start with a character you won’t know what to do with him and then you suddenly want one or two characters and then you won’t know how to fit them in so first thing

In the story, writing is to have a good think up here always remember vocabulary is very important very very important so the words that you are going to choose those also you write down some very good true words which means you need adjectives you need adverbs isn’t it these are two things that you will need the other thing to remember is to write in the past tense

All stories must be written in the past tense very very important advice if you do all of these things your story will become good and if you are writing now and you’re getting four out of ten I bet you

You will get six at least so use this in your writing and remember to write in the box and tell me how your marks improved because I feel very happy when you do well okay

How to write it’s about how to write your stories about how to plan your stories choose from it’s got drama it’s got every kind of essay that you want to write anything that you want to write letters, Shakespeare, it’s got everything it’s an amazing book which everyone who writes must possess so do yourself a favor go and get the book and also write to me and tell me what more you want me to do with you and I would love to do it for you so until we meet again keeps me and enjoy writing bye-bye

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