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inspiration story in english
best inspiration story in English for students

An Inspiration Story In English Once upon a time in the village Barhamapuri there lived two merchants, named Somnath and Wjaynath. One day Somnath came to his friend s house and informed him, I am going for a pilgrimage. l have nothing except the beautiful iron balance which was given to me by my father. Please keep it safe till I return from the pilgrimage. Vijaynath requested his friend to pray for him also

He took the iron balance inside the house. After a long journey, Somnath returned to his native village. The next day he went to his friends and asked for the return of his iron balance.

“Vijaynath said,”

inspiration stories in English

My friend, there is no balance to give you back. I did keep it very safe. but it was eaten away by mice

“Somnath asked,”

What! does a mouse eat iron? You must be joking. Please give back. my balance.

“Vijaynath Replied,”

Yes, my friend. I am telling you the truth. The mice ate it up.

Somnath understood that his friend wanted to cheat him by stealing his iron balance. He did not say anything at that time. But he decided to teach him a lesson for his dishonesty.

“Somnath Told His Friend,”

Vijay, I have brought a lot of gifts to you and your son. Please send your son with me. I shall send the gifts through him

inspire story in english
inspire a story in English for kids

Vijaynath was very happy to hear these words. He immediately |y called his son Raghunath and informed him to go with his friend and collect the gifts.

Somanath took the boy and hid him inside the house. An hour passed, the boy did not return home. Vijaynath was worried about his son. He wanted to find what delayed his son.

He went to Somnath s house and asked about his son. Somanath replied, My friend, | was coming out of the house to see your son off. As soon as he had left the house, a big kite swooped down upon the boy and carried him away.

Impossible! cried Vijaynath. Let us go to the king s court for seeking justice.

Inspire Story In English

In the court Somanath stood by his story, Addressing the king he said

Your majesty, a big kite swooped down upon the boy and carried him away.

How can that be possible? Everyone present asked in one voice.

“Somanath argued,”

Your majesty, if mice can eat an iron balance, as my friend Vijay told me, then .why can t a kite carry off an elephant. And a kite that can also carry off an elephant can easily pick up a young boy.

“The king said,”

I want to know the whole story to reach the truth When the truth was revealed Vijaynath .returned the balance to its rightful owner. In return, Somanath brought the young boy back and let him go with his father

Moral: Clever person can always find a way out of a difficult situation.

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