Funny Story In English… Once upon a time in the forest of Vindhyas, there lived a lion. The Hon had three friends They were a fox, a tiger, and a crow. Their routine was that the lion would hunt, eat to his fill and leave the rest for his friends to feed on. They were too happy with this arrangement. One fine pleasant morning the lion was roaming With his, companions in the forest.

they saw a new animal grazing in the forest. The lion asked his friends, I believe this animal looks like a stranger. Where does he come from? The fox and the crow told the lion, Your majesty, it is the camel. He lives in. the desert and has been trained by a man to carry his loads. He can walk long distances without water for many days. So the people call him the ship of the desert. We believe that he’ has lost his way.

funny stories English

The fox and the crow went near the camel and invited him, to their place. They said You are our guest. Our king wanted to see you. Please come with us’. The camel went along with them and saw a lion. He was afraid. But the lion told him don t be afraid of me I am your Weilwisher You can stay with us as long as you want. We are happy to see you here.

All five lived in harmony for some time. only the camel would find its own food as it would not eat flesh. Because he ate only green grass in the jungle and lived happily.

Funny Story In English

Suddenly the lion fell sick. He was not able to go for any hunting. All of them except the camel was remain hungry. The lion and his companions were hungry for many days. One day he asked his friends to go hunting and get some food for him. They said, you have fed us all these days and we have forgotten how to hunt. the animals. The lion replied if you try you can get some food for us. The three went out and searched for an animal to hunt. But they could not get anything. They returned empty-handed.

Suddenly the crow shouted with joy. Why we should search for food? The food is near to us. What do you mean ? all the three shouted coarsely! Who asked everyone. The crow replied no one else other than the camel,

The lion said, No, no, we should not kill him. I have given a word for his safety in this jungle. So please drop this idea.

But the [crow said, You need not worry. on that account master; you will not break your word. I have a nice plan for this. The crow explained his idea to everyone that we will make the camel offer himself as food to our lord. The lion did not answer on hearing this. The crow understood that silence means assent to his plan.

Funny Story In English

That evening the camel returned to the place where his friends were staying. He saw his friends were very sad and looking pale also. He asked them, What happened to you all? .Why you are all so sad? They said Our master and your well-wisher did not have his food for the past ten days. He looks much tired. One by one tiger and the fox and crow said I will offer myself to you like food, my master. Please ‘eat me. But the lion refused and said, I am, very much pleased about your devotion But I would rather die of starvation than to do such a thing

Hearing others the camel also offered himself as food to the lion. But before the camel finishes his words the tiger pounced on it and tore it to pieces and presented it to the lion. Later on, the three feasted on the remains of the poor camel;

Moral of the story: One should choose a friend who Is like him and of his type Oil and water do riot mix Be friendly with those who eat the same kind of food

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