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small kids story …… In a dark, rainy night, a king was passing through a narrow lane of his capital, riding a horse. He was in disguise, for it was his habit to dress like a common man and see how his subjects lived.

And he got thoroughly drenched in the rain but that he did not mind. he was healthy enough to withstand cold. and so did not mind the darkness either. He was brave enough to face any danger. So he rode on, leisurely, though cautiously.

But a gang of bandits which followed him without his knowing it suddenly surrounded him. Their intention was to rob him of his handsome horse.

The king faced the bandits bravely, but he was greatly inconvenienced when a hoof of his horse got stuck in a crack on the road. The IQ bandits, who were a dozen in number,

were about to pounce upon him when six young men rd appeared on the spot and came to his rescue. are They attacked the bandits from their rear? The bandits had to remain engaged with the young men. Thus, they could not harm the king.

small kids story in English

Whenever the king moved in disguise, some of his ablest bodyguards followed him keeping a certain distance. The bodyguards soon arrived on the spot. The bandits were then pushed to a corner. They tried hard to escape but did not succeed. The royal bodyguards captured them without much difficulty.

small kids story
small kids story

The king was very pleased with the young men who had come forward to save him, though they had no idea that they had the privilege of coming to their king s rescue The king thanked them and took them with him to his palace.

The young men had come to the capital town from several distant villages. They had become friends because they lodged in the same inn. They were returning from a temple festival on the outskirts of the town.

Soon in the morning, the whole’town came to know of the incident that took place at night. All were happy because the bandits had been captured. The members of the royal family, the ministers, the courtiers, and the public congratulated the young men for their courage

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When the king appeared in his durbar in ‘the morning. the six young men were brought before him. The king descended from his throne and embraced them one after another. He then expressed his wish to reward them for their help. Let each one-ask me for the thing that would please him most. I promise to grant that instantly, even if it should cause any difficulty, as long as it not really beyond my power of capacity to graft! that.

The oldest of the six friends was asked to state his desire first. He thought for a moment and then said, great kings, kindly grant me a good house, for since my childhood l have lived in a miserable hut and have dreamed of living in a Comfortable building.

The king immediately summoned the royal architect and instructed him to plan a spacious’ mansion for the young man man wanted to be promoted to the rank of a nobleman. The king bestowed some titles on him and made him one of his courtiers. The third one said, Your Majesty, the poor people of my.vil|age walk to the town in order to sell vegetables.

Because there is no good road to link my village With the town, the Villagers can not even drive their carts. They suffer most during the monsoon, plodding through mud and, Water. My prayer is, let there be a good road for . my poor villagers.

The king made a gesture of consent and the minister In charge of roads and bridges took note of it.

When the fourth young man was asked to state his wish, he blushed and said, great kings, you are like my father Kihdiy find a beautiful bride for me!

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The king remembered that his jester had a charming daughter. The jester jovially agreed to oblige the young man at the king’s suggestion

The fifth young man expressed his desire to get some money, which was given to him then and there, At last, came the turn, of the sixth young man.

My lord

he said

he said, My prayer is, you should’ be my guest once every year for at least a full day and night, until one of us. died!

All present in the court were surprised at this strange request. Some people even thought that the young man was a fool. To the king toc

the request appeared most unusual. But he had promised that he would fulfill any request unless.. it was beyond his capacity to do so.

Well, he agreed to spend one day and om night every year in the young man’s house.

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Now it was left to the various departments of the king s government to make proper arrangements for the king’s regular yearly visits to the young man’s house.

First of all, it was necessary to build a big road- a royal road to the young man s village so that the question was, chariot could go there smoothly. Then how could the king stay and sleep for several days and nights in years to come, in the humble thatched house of the young man?

The king had several castles. One of them was gifted to the young man so that he could fittingly receive the king. But how would he, with his meager income, maintain a castle and prepare to play host to the king. and his encourage? To solve this problem, he was granted a heavy purse and annual allowance.

According to the convention, the king could be only a nobleman s guest. Hence the young man was promoted to the rank of a nobleman, with very special titles of honor bestowed on him. He was now looked upon almost as a prince.

There was still an important thing to bé considered: the lady who would be the king s hostess needed to be familiar with the king s habits and tastes which were rather complex and delicate. Who could be more familiar with them than the king’s own daughter?

Now that the young man had been granted rank and had come to own a castle, there was no reason why he could not lead a princess home as his wife!

No wonder that arrangements were made for the marriage of the young man with the princess.

Thus, asking for only one boon, the sixth young man got all that five companions had got, and he got. in fact. much more.

The story is almost an allegory. and Its inner meaning is this: those who want God for God s sake alone. they get Him along with all the blessings which accompany Him.

One should not hesitate to pray under the impression that his heart was too impure to accommodate God. so In response to a devotee’s prayer, so when God consents to come to him, a luminous path into the heart of the devotee is made by His Grace, and the temple of devotion is built in the heart by His Grace, love flourishes there, divine feelings ennoble the devotee and the wealth of joy enriches him all by His Grace.

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