Short Story For KidsHard Work And Good Sleep ” is the best short moral story to learn how a man can win thair life even that have much more problem in their life he is a poor farmer but he still survives there life its an interesting story so enjoy if you like that so give us a comment

Raghu was a poor farmer who lived on a small farm in the village of Rasipiur’s The farm he lived belonged to a rich landlord, Vishnu. Raghu had a wife and two daughters. and lived with a happy and contented life. And He was always as busy as an ant. and He used to sing songs during work, to forget the strain of work.

The people In the Rasipuram village. loved Raghu and his songs very much. Most of the children in that village and some elders would gather under a large banyan tree, so every afternoon to hear his sweet songs. seeing the popularity of Raghu, some started hating him due to jealousy.

Vishnu often heard Raghu singing during his work. So He used to wonder at Raghu’s cheerfulness. For all his wealth he was an unhappy man. His health condition was not at all good and he won’t get to sleep in the night.

bedtime short story for kids English

One fine morning, as usual, Raghu was working and singing in the field. And The landlord came near him and called him and asked Raghu what is the secret that you always seems to be happy and then any other person in this village, including me.

Raghu asked the landlord,

Please tell me, sir, what is your problem?

The landlord replied,

my friend, I am not able to sleep in the night. I feel highly disturbed

But Raghu tell the landlord

I get to sleep very well because I work hard all day long. After finishing the work, as soon as I return home, I sit with my daughters and listen to their sweet voice. Then I would teach them some good songs. He continued, Sir, you are paying me enough and I don t have any other problem. From the money,and you are giving me my salary.because I spend one rupee on. charity,And one rupee to repay my debt, and the rest of I give to my wife for running the family. She looks after the family well. So I am happy as a bird.

The landlord thanked Raghu for talking to him for such a long time. He went home happily. The decision to work the next day onwards in his field with other workers. As the landlord started workings, he became very happy and gained his good sleep.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Purposeful had work makes a person happy.

Here is a second short story for kids In English

BRAHMIN’S DAYDREAM short story for kids Long, long ago there lived a Brahmin named Sonal. He was very lazy. He managed his livelihood with the alms given by the villagers. One day, he got a good amount of rice. The Brahmin became very happy. and he cooked his food using a small amount of rice. He kept the rest of the rice in an earthen pot and tied the pot on the roof of his hut With the help of a rope.

and he was so happy about the large quantity of rice he got, he started Dreaming about it.

The Brahmin had a strong desire to become rich. In his dream, he started seeing his future with the large quantity of rice he got.

During his dream, he thought,

How good if the villages are struck by flood and famine I will sell the rice at higher prices and I will become rich very soon

He dreamt that the problem has come He imagined all the people In the village have come to Brahmin for buying rice He sold them at quite a good price. He was still dreaming!

Further, he dreamt that

with the money, I will buy a pair of sheep. In six months’ time, the sheep will give a pair of ewes. The ewes. will grow soon and I will have a lot of sheep on the farm. I will sell the milk and wool to people. I will earn a lot of money. With that money, I will buy a cow. The cow will give me a calf. I shall raise a dairy farm with goats and cows. I will be a very rich man.

He was still dreaming!

Afterward, I will sell some goats and cows. With that money, I will buy a big house for me. I will be the richest person in that village. Then I will marry the beautiful daughter of a rich man.
His dream did not end here also.
He further dreamt that his wife will give him a son.

When his son grows, he will ask his father to take for a ride on his back. Father will take him all-round the house.

His son in the dream was a very naughty and mischievous boy in the village. One day all the villagers complained about his son. he felt insulted and was very angry about his son’s behavior

He was still dreaming!

Without realizing that he was only dreaming, he kicked the son whom he was dreaming about. But there was no son, but only the pot of rice.

Alas! He kicked the pot of rice, with which he was going to become rich. The pot fell down and all the rice was scattered everywhere.

and The rice became dirty and he could not. sell as no one wanted to buy dirty rice. Along with the pot, his dream to become rich was also got shattered.

and The Brahmin was crying and crying and Crying, cursing himself for his fooliSh and great dream.

So This was the end of the Brahmin fantasy World, crying over the spoilt rice and the beautiful dream.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t build a castle in the air

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