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Study in Malaysia without IELTS

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Last modified on March 18th, 2024 at 5:57 pm

Study in Malaysia Without IELTS

Student always try to make their dream fulfilled by getting admission in the best university. If you are one of them welcome here, in this article we will inform you about different universities where you can study in Malaysia without IELTS.

The education level of Malaysia is one of the best education in Asia. Students from different fields can join the different universities in Malaysia. And the MMBS is one of them. If you are a medical student and you just completed your 12 years of education in Pakistan and now want to visit Malaysia for MMBS. You are at the right place because in this article we will also discuss MBBS in Malaysia for Pakistani Students.

What is IELTS and why it is important 

If you don’t know about IELTS don’t worry we will help you. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This test is all about English which is important for those students who are not native speakers.

In general most of the top universities required IELTS for getting admission but if you are in search to find a chance to study abroad without IELTS you are at the right way.

Don’t worry about IELTS

The best part of this article is that you can continue your higher education without preparing for the IELTS. Some universities in Malaysia offer massive scholarships for needy students who have the opportunity of opening their own businesses after finishing their studies. 

Without IELTS you can get start your career with a bachelor’s, masters, and PhD degree? Below is the list through which you can Study in Malaysia without IELTS.

  1. Asian pacific university
  2. Swinburne University Malaysia campus
  3. Inti university
  4. Segi university
  5. Manipal international university
  6. City university Malaysia

There are many more universities that permit students without required IELTS score so don’t waste your time and visit their official website and enroll for your favorite degree.

MBBS in Malaysia for Pakistani Students

MMBS is one of the common and most selected fields in Pakistan. Every second student wishes to choose the medical field and then become a doctor. So in this regard, it is a golden chance for MBBS in Malaysia for Pakistani Students.

There are several top universities in Malaysia which is famous for their quality education, especially in the medical field. That’s the reason that Malaysia becomes home to thousands of international students every year from around the world.

Keeping this in mind that lots of Malaysian medical universities are in accreditation programs with European universities which include Ireland, the UK, Australia, etc.

The process for an MMBS degree is a bit different from other degrees. MMBS in Malaysia is divided into two main categories.

  1. Pre-clinical

In this phase of the MBBS, students has the option to join Ireland, the UK, etc through the twinning program. The duration of this phase of the MBBS is 2 to 3 years.

  • Clinical training 

In this category, students are bound to continue their MBBS degree in Malaysia. After completing these two phases students will be awarded by MMBS degree which will be approved by the Malaysian Medical Council MMC or sometime MOH.

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Why to choose Malaysia?

The question may disturb you why choose Malaysia for higher education?? The simple answer is that Malaysia is the only country in Asia who improve its education level to the top. Not only from Pakistan but students visit Malaysia throughout the world.

MBBS in Malaysia for Pakistani Students is a good choice because the living cost and other expenses are very low as compared to European countries. And another good news is that students can find part-time jobs through which they can make money and easily continue their education.

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