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What Kind Of Courses Do The Best STEM Schools Offer?

by Abdus Subhan
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STEM schools are schools whose major subjects are in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These schools offer tens of courses focusing on these fields; however, the specific courses offered vary depending on each school’s curriculum. 

Here are courses STEM schools offer so that you can know which course to take to increase your STEM career opportunities. 

Data Science Courses 

The best STEM schools offer data science courses, which employ various methods, algorithms, instruments, and scientific procedures to gain insight from structured and unstructured data and predict or solve real-world problems.

Learning data science requires you to have a good understanding of computer programming, mathematics, statistics, and a thorough understanding of databases. They also require you to think critically and solve complex problems in the shortest time possible

The course load is rigorous, but you can push through with proper time management. A degree in data science can lead to various job opportunities, including:

  • Data Analyst;
  • Data Scientist;
  • Data Engineer;
  • Deep Learning Engineer; and
  • Machine Learning Engineer.

Mathematics And Statistics Courses

The best STEM schools offer mathematics and statistics courses that can equip you with skills to draw accurate conclusions from statistical methods and produce sensible theories. As a mathematics and statistics student, you not only need to grasp geometry, calculus, and algebra well, but you also need to come up with new ways of doing math. Added to these, you need to have a good understanding of computer programming, and you are good to go.

After graduation, you can secure a job in fields such as:

  • Actuary;
  • Data Scientist;
  • Control Statistician;
  • Operations Research; and
  • Business Metrics Analyst.

Cybersecurity (Online) Courses

The best STEM schools offer cybersecurity courses, which are some of the most popular courses in contemporary society. These courses teach you how to protect data, networks, and computer operating systems from cyber attacks. They also teach you how to disarm threats, such as phishing, password attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks, to save a computer system.

Cybersecurity requires you to show proficiency in programming, firewall installation, and network configuration and management. You also need to have reasoning skills to troubleshoot problems. With a degree in cybersecurity, you can secure employment as a:

  • Malware Analyst;
  • Security Architect;
  • Penetration Tester;
  • Systems Administrator;
  • Cryptography Engineer.

Mechanical Engineering Courses

Mechanical engineering familiarizes you with tools for designing, developing, building, and testing mechanical devices, which can range from electronic generators and HVAC systems to elevators and robots. The best STEM schools that offer mechanical engineering courses need you to have a good understanding of modeling (mathematics), mechanics (physics), and thermodynamics (chemistry). 

Moreover, because you will perform most of your tasks using computer-aided programs, you need advanced knowledge of computer programming and computer systems. 

With a degree in mechanical engineering, you have several job options, including:

  • CAD Technician;
  • HVAC Technician;
  • Aerospace Engineer;
  • Automotive Engineer;
  • Maintenance Engineer;

Start A STEM Course Today

The best STEM schools offer a wide variety of courses, including data science, mathematics and statistics, cybersecurity, and mechanical engineering. These courses will impart in you the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in your desired field and set you up for success in your chosen career path. 

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