Once there lived a dove in the forest of Ushpavanam. He lived in a big banyan tree. He had a lot of friends including small insects like ants. Near the tree, there was a small stream. Animals used to come for drinking the sweet water in the stream.

in the same tree, there was an ant house. One day it was raining heavily. All birds and the animals sat inside their houses. But one small ant came out of the house and fell into the stream. The ant was afraid and started to cry. Help, help. The clove came out of the nest and saw the ant was droning in the water.

The dove immediately dropped a leaf and asked the ant to climb onto the leaf The dove told the ant Little one, you can float on the leaf and come to the shore.

The ant climbed onto the leaf and came back to the shore. The ant thanked the dove for his timely help. The ant said to the dove, My friend. you have saved my life today and I will be eternally grateful to you. If you should ever need me. I will be there to help you. Let us be friends forever

The dove smiled and thought to himself, The ant is so tiny. How can she ever help me!

The days were passing. One day a hunter came to the forest to hunt some animals for his family. The ant also noticed this. He held a bow and arrow in his hands and the ant wondered where he was aiming.

The ant thought I hope that man does not intend to kill my friend, the dove.

Even if he is going to shoot the dove what can you do? you are such a tiny little thing. He! friends told her. Come along with us and forget the hunter.

But the ant was anxious about him! friend, he left her friends and went humidity after hum The hunter reached the tree the dove were perching.

The hunter took the bow and aimed to shoot the dove. Suddenly he had a sharp pam in his foot. The ant but hum as hard as she could. The hunter cried out in pam, and at the same time the arrow flew from his bow Hts arrow missed the aim and he was unable to shoot the dove.

hearing the sound, the dove hew away. The dove was saved by a small ant. The hunter left the place cursing his bad time. The ant came down from the hunter s foot and went back to join her friends

Ant was very happy and told her friends, I was able to save my friends, he narrated the story to her friends. Her friends cheered her and the ant was happy that she had been able to repay her debt to the dove

MORAL: Good deeds are rewarded at the right time. Never underestimate anyone.

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