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Gift suggestions for the men of your life

by Amirkhatri
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When giving gifts, it does not matter whether you will be giving a 5-year-old boy or a 25-year-old guy or your 60-year-old dad – generally, finding a gift item for a guy is tough. Whether a colleague during Christmas or for your husband on his birthday, we sometimes spend days thinking and weeks looking for that new item to give. After all, men are hard to shop for! That is the common notion and consensus everywhere! But some of the men in our lives are so special that they hold an important place in our hearts that can be never forgotten no matter what.

For that special someone, who you have given gifts at least four times a year, including his birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, and your anniversary – what unique or valuable item can you give this time? Here are some gift suggestions for that equally special person in your life who holds such a special place in your heart. Browse through the given examples and work on the ones that are budget friendly options according to you.

1. Food and fluid items

A bottle of wine wrapped beautifully makes for an elegant and romantic gift (and prepare a couple of wine glasses, too, just in case he wants to share it with you tonight). A box of cigars, gourmet chocolates and gourmet candied fruits are some things he can really sink his teeth on.

You can bake a cake or make candied fruits for a romantic and personalised gift. You can also mix liquor using his favourite flavours and come up with your own signature drink. As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and when his appetite is satisfied, so will he be with the love and attention you have given him through your gifts.

2. Career-oriented items

Designer ties, leather suitcases, and Swarovski encrusted pens and paperweights are just what he needs to look good while working it out in the boardroom. Even in the office, give him something to remember you from 8 to 5. Many other gift items like a customised bottle, mug, house plant, table top frames, small decor items, etc. are appealing to everyone who is an office goer. These small and insightful items will be greatly appreciated by the men in your life!

3. Just for laugh gags

Custom-printed shirts, custom trophies, and electronic gadgets are some items where you will both have hours of laughter. Give him that statement shirt that will genuinely fit him. A custom trophy he can display in the living room will announce a particular skill to everyone who comes in for a visit. It will be a fun gift that will never grow old.

4. Outdoor and hobby items

Beer-related gifts, grilling items, gardening products, concert tickets, OTT subscriptions, sports memorabilia and concert tickets will genuinely make for a fun and heartwarming gift.

As they say, the thought counts, but if you can materialise that thought, then maybe it is all the better. It is indeed way easier to get your girlfriends a gift as a simple perfume or even a cute hair clip can, but with men, these gifts will truly leave a lasting impression and a deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness. Be intuitive and be open to learning more about the various things that these adorable men in your life are crazy about. That way, you can impress them and wish for a very love filled celebration. Avail same day gift delivery in Chennai services and if needed be surprise the man who means so much to you.
These items are readily available from department stores, or you can shop online  from our store Floweraura, as plenty of online stores carry only a minimal charge for delivery – another surprise he will definitely appreciate. Add to that good packaging, a warm hug, and a loving smile, and he will indeed be looking forward to getting his gifts year after year.

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