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Dolores Madrigal – Everything You Need to Know About Encanto’s “Big Mouth”

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Dolores Madrigal

Dolores Madrigal is a character in the 2021 Disney movie Encanto. She is the oldest child and only daughter of Pepa and Félix Madrigal, and Camilo and Antonioolder’s older sister. She has enhanced hearing and is described as being in the shadow of Isabela.

Dolores is a person who has a tendency to speak without thinking and to reveal secrets. In the movie, she is depicted as having a “big mouth” and “no filter,” and as someone who “cannot keep their mouth shut.” She is also seen causing problems or causing harm through her actions, specifically by revealing sensitive information that leads to someone else feeling isolated and ostracized.

Who is Dolores Madrigal?

Dolores is a member of the Madrigal family and is the oldest child of Félix and Pepa, with younger siblings Camilo and Antonio. She is also the cousin of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel, and the niece of Julieta, Bruno, and Agustín. When she was younger, Dolores lived in the nursery with her cousins Isabela and Luisa. Isabela is slightly older than Dolores, while Luisa is two years younger.

She is a 21-year-old Columbian girl having brown eyes and curly brown hair and she looks exactly like her mother. 

Dolores Madrigal’s Super Power – Enhanced Hearing

Dolores is known for having enhanced hearing throughout the movie. She can listen to everyone and everything that they’re saying. When the voices are too loud, she has to cover her ears because it hurts for her to listen to those loud voices.

Because of her hearing, she knows everyone’s secrets but she still tries to keep her mouth shut and keep away from gossip, in the movie, we see that she wasn’t so successful in doing so at all.

How Did Dolores Get Enhanced Hearing?

Before Dolores received her powers, she received a vision from her uncle Bruno that the man she was interested in would be engaged to someone else and therefore not available to her. This caused her fear and anxiety.

Isabela received a magical gift on her fifth birthday and moved into her own room, while Dolores stayed in the nursery with Luisa until Dolores’s fifth birthday. She moved into her room on the night of her fifth birthday when she was gifted with enhanced hearing. 

Dolores Madrigal’s Love Life Explained

According to Bruno’s vision, we can assume that Dolores fell in love with Miriano when she was in her teenage years. At first, she was given a negative view by her uncle but as she was gifted enhanced hearing, she would her Mariano’s likes and dislikes that made her fall in love with him.

Dolores was in love with Mariano, but because he was engaged to her cousin Isabela, she never dared to talk to him or confess her feelings. She believed that Mariano could never be with her and lost hope that they could be together.

Image Source: Shipping Wiki

Dolores Confesses Her Love for Mariano

It was in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” when Dolores sang a song about her crush but tried to hide what she felt about Mariano – she told herself that Isabela and Mariano were inevitable and there is nothing she can do about it. She tried to trick herself into thinking that she was fine with Mariano and Isabela being engaged, but we know that it was far from true.

No sooner did Mariano and Isabela’s engagement cut, Dolores confessed her feelings in “All of You.”

Mariano also falls in love with Dolores as she sings more and more about him – the couple then decides that they should get married.

Dolores Madrigal Family and Siblings

As Dolores belongs tothe Madrigal family, the family is full of exciting people. Let’s explore them.

Image Source: Disney Fandom

Antonio Madrigal

Dolores has a younger brother named Antonio, and although their relationship is not described in detail in the film, it is mentioned that Dolores loves him and they sit together during meals. It is not clear how often they interact or what their relationship is like beyond this.

Camilo Madrigal

Dolores’s another younger brother is named Camilo, and they are often shown together in the film. Although they do not have many interactions, they seem to have a good relationship and get along well as siblings.

Image Source: Disney Fandom

Bruno Madrigal

Bruno is Dolores’s uncle and the only one who is related to her by blood. Even though everyone in the family has to say bad things about him, Dolores knows that he is not a bad person. At first, she received a negative vision from Bruno that the man of her dreams would be engaged to someone else, but later we find that she falls in love with Mariano and they get married.

Alma Madrigal

Dolores’s grandmother is named Alma, and it is not clear what their relationship is like. However, Dolores is often seen near her grandmother in the film, which suggests that they have a good relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Old is Dolores Madrigal?

In Encanto, Dolores in a 21-year-old Columbian girl having curly brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her birthday is on August 31st.

How to Draw Dolores Madrigal?

To draw Dolores Madrigal, you can just follow this tutorial – you don’t to be a drawing expert to draw your favorite character.

When is Dolores Madrigal’s Birthday?

According to Disney Fandom, Dolores celebrates her birthday on the 31st of August every year. At the time of Encanto, Dolores was 21 years old.

How Tall is Dolores Madrigal?

According to Disney Fandom characters list, Dolores is 5’ 5” which is about 165 cm.

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