Kids bedtime story Why you need to read this? why you want a moral story? All people know that a little child likes empty memory card they do not understand what is right and what is wrong Bedtime moral story is the best way to teach your kids to fill up their memory with good thinks and how to take action in their life? its a most important for your kids and read the whole bedtime kids moral story if you like that please give us a comment

Do Not Give Anger

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A story for kids bedtime Once upon a time there lived in the Great Himalayas a Rishi called Uday. He lived in a hut along with his family. and He had a son called Natchu. Rishi Uday Was a well-learned person

So Rishi Udaywas liked and respected by all. But he used to get angry very fast

But Rishi Uday s son Natchu was every mischievous boy. He used ‘to ask everyone lots ‘of questions and pester them. and He used to play a number of childish pranks on elder people. so Nobody scolded Natchu for his- mischief, Everyone was afraid of the anger of Rishi Uday

But Rishi Uday loved his only son. One day king Vikrama requested Rishi. Uday to perform a Yaga for the welfare of his Rishi Uday agreed to perform the Yaga.

When a rishi performs Yaga, everyone gets and works. All are paid. The woodcutter will get the job of cutting wood, and the mason will help in constructing the hut where the Yaga is performed; so the carpenter will be requested to make different types of wooden dolls for giving as a gift; the milkman will be requested to supply milk, curd, and ghee. and they will all be paid well for their work. Thus, Yaga will benefit everyone.

At the end of the Yaga, several gifts .will be given to people. Because The rishi who performs the Yaga is required to gift all those he likes very. much…

Rishi Uday performed the Yaga for the good of king Vikrama and his country. The Yaga came to an end. Rishi Uday was getting ready to give a gift to people. He was keeping all the things he is liked.

Suddenly Natchu came running and asked his father, Father, you like me very much. To whom are you going to gift me. Rishi Uday smiled and kept quiet

But Natchu did not leave it, he started pestering his father and kept on asking,

a story for kids bedtime in English

Father, you like me very much. To whom are you in to gift me ?

For a long time, Rishi Uday did not reply to his son. Other elders told Natchu not to disturb his father. But Natchu did not leave it. and He kept on asking

Father, you like me very much. To whom are you going to gift me

At last Rishi Uday s patience ran out. And He got angry and told Natchu

My son, I am going to gift you to YAMA, the god of death

All those who were present there were shocked and they pleaded with Rishi Uday, OH! Rishi what-have you said? Are you going to kill your only son? please forgive him. He is still a child. He does not know what he is asking.

But Rishi Uday kept quiet. He was also very sad that he gave in to his anger.

But Natchu was very happy. He did not know who Yama was. He said

“Thank you father, I shall go to Yama.”

Natchu traveled and reached Yamapuri. But Yama had gone out. He waited for three days for Yama to return. When Yama came he asked Natchu,

the son who are you? What are you doing here?

Natchu replied

OH! Great Yama my father has gifted me to serve you. Please take me

But Yama laughed and said

My child, you have a long life to live. You cannot come here. now. Please go back to your father?

Natchu did not leave the matter he kept on repeating,

OH! Great Yama, my father has gifted me to serve you. Please take me

Yama patiently heard Natchu and finally told,

My child, I am happy, your father gifted you to me. But I cannot receive you. So please go back. For all the difficulties you took to meet me, I shall give a boon to you. Ask whatever you want.

Natchu was happy that he is going back to his father. He asked Yama,

Oh! Lord, please help my father that’he never gets angry

Yama said,

I am happy to learn that you like your father very much. Learn a lot from him. I shall grant you the boon Hereafter your father’ Will not get angry but you should also change and start listening to elders

Natchu thanked Yama and returned to the Himalayas to be with his father. Everyone including Rishi Uday was happy and they lived for a long time happily doing GOOD to all


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