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What Is The Scope Of Fashion Communication With Post-Graduation?

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Scope Of Fashion Communication With Post-Graduation

Mouthpiece for fashion industry, Fashion Communication, is a specialised domain that is concerned with creating written, verbal, visual or audio-visual communication relevant to fashion & lifestyle industry. Fashion Communication course covers areas like fashion journalism, advertising, public relations, styling, graphic design, space design, visual merchandising, photography, exhibit, creative writing, new media design, interaction design etc.

Scope of fashion Communication  

On completion of masters in fashion communication, be assured of getting absorbed in new-age career options such as:

  • Visual Merchandising: He engages & attract customers through eye-catching decorations and in-store displays utilising colours, symmetry etc. Additionally, he also needs to ensure that these displays have design sensibilities in sync with company’s brand guidelines as well as its overall vision. 
  • Graphic Designer: He is an expert in visual communication and hence understands typography, balance in colours, shades and patterns, animation, motion graphics etc. thus bringing alive his design concepts. He is responsible for maximizing product reach to consumers, thereby contributing in its success.
  • Fashion Journalism: He is responsible for generating content to communicate positive information about the particular product or brand, thereby influencing consumer interest. He plays a critical role at the time of crisis situations when he needs to write articles to dispel rumours about company or brand or overcoming poor company reviews. Moreover, at the time of a product launch, the content written by him can create intrigue about the product besides ensuring positive influence among people. 
  • Fashion Forecasting: According to his understanding of consumer buying behaviour, market and fashion trends, economic conditions etc., he predicts fashion trends, Basis these predictions only, the product, marketing, retail and pricing strategy for the upcoming season is planned by the companies. Thus, he is indispensable for he plays an essential role in profitability and success of the company. 
  • Fashion Photographer: Fashion Photography is a very specialised field for it involves conversing with end customer, creating a composition to impact mood and communicating designer’s vision, highlighting a product innovation or an innovative design, colour or trend. During this time of intense competition, his role has gained further importance for his well composed photos can pull a customer or investor in its favour.
  • Fashion Stylist: Basis a particular theme, personality, event, body type and the ensuing fashion trends etc., he crafts a look (styling) for an individual. With the advent of camera phones, his role has become all the more critical and hence is in great demand by celebrities, business personalities, media, print, photography, modelling, film, television and online industry.
  • Marketing & Brand Management: Being a communication expert, he creates brands, crafts marketing & selling strategy, positions brands uniquely in consumer’s mind, oversee advertising communication, research & understand consumers, their feedback, selling etc. Thus, they are not only responsible for revenue but also play the role of ears & mouthpiece for the companies. 

Basis specialization, this function can be further divided into:

  • Digital Marketing Communication 
  • Events Marketing
  • Sales
  • Public Relation

Thus, there is huge scope post completion of masters in Fashion Communication. 

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