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Why it is important to get the stripping license in California

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It is important to learn how to get your stripping license. It is unlawful to work as an adult entertainer without a stripper license, called an “adult entertainment permit. Therefore, knowing how to get your stripping license is necessary to work in an adult club. The adult entertainer permit issued to you is not a license to conduct a nude entertainment business. To legally work as an exotic dancer, you must know that How to get a stripping license?

1. Search for a good club to get a job.

Before you even talk about getting a stripper license, you need to make sure that an adult entertainment establishment has hired you. To start getting a job, you need to access the Internet and read the reviews of the various establishments that have vacancies available.

Another way to find your dream job is to visit clubs for several hours to feel the vibe and the crowd. Employees and especially customers can vary greatly in just a few hours. A daytime crowd might be made up of blue-collar workers at lunchtime, while Friday nights will feature more millennial.

2. Annotation of your save statement

Obtain a copy of the SAVE declaration and have it notarized. An affidavit is a written statement presented by a declarant as evidence in court. To be admissible, the declarations must be notarized by a notary public.

The SAVE statement is a material part of your Certificate of Need (CON) application and must be completed truthfully. Your NOC application may be denied or the NOC may be revoked by the Department if it determines that you have made a materially false statement in connection with your NOC application.

3. Get three separate money orders

The next step in getting your stripper license would be to visit the License and Permission Unit. This visit would be expedited if you came prepared to pay the three required fees via money order. The License and Permission Unit does not accept any other form of payment.

• Fingerprint

• Processing fee

• Adult Entertainment License

4. Visit the License and Permission Unit to complete the form

Prepare your secure and verifiable identification form and go to the License and Authorization Unit to complete the application card and consent form.

For the application card, you need to write legibly in black ink or type in the information. Please answer all questions properly and in detail. At this point, the officer will ask for the three payment orders.

5. Background Check

Please note that in order to obtain a stripper license, a background check will be carried out. This background check verifies that there are no outstanding charges against that individual. Please note that you cannot receive a license if you have any prior convictions within the last three years in the country for crimes related to illegal drug trafficking, crimes of a sexual nature and crimes of moral turpitude.

6. Get a fingerprint

If you pass the background check, you can continue to receive your fingerprints. The candidate will have his fingerprints at the Office of Licenses and Permissions. Fingerprint fee is $20 per person.

7. Get your adult entertainment permission

After completing the fingerprint, the License and Permission Unit will take your photo. After you successfully complete your background check and process all required documents, the License and Permit Unit will issue your Adult Entertainment license. Your license is valid for one year from the date the license fee was accepted.

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