The Farmer And His Four Son’s – Motivation Short Story

Vasu was a very rich farmer. He lived in a village called Vishnupuram, near Madurai. Vasu had a wife and four sons. They lived a very happy life. The four sons grew up and helped their father in the field. They were earning more than their need. They were all very happy

Vasu arranged marriage for his sons. He selected daughters-in-law from poor families so that they would look after the family and his sons well. After a year Vasu got two grand-daughters and two grandsons. He was very happy.

One fine morning Vasu the head of the family fell sick. Everyone was sad. They did not attend work. .They called the doctor to check up their fathers health. The doctor checked thoroughly and diagnosed that his legs were paralyzed and Vasu could not walk. His son s were very sad

After a month his sons started quarreling for money. Vasu was seeing the sons quarrel from the bed. he called his sons. He told them not to fight. He asked them to work together and be united. But his sons did not listen to his words.

Vasu thought of a plan to teach his sons a lesson.

he asked his sons to bring four sticks. He asked them to tie them together. He gave the bundle of sticks to each of his sons and asked them to break it into two. One by one his sons tried, but they were not able to break the bundle.

Then he asked his sons to open the bundle. He gave one stick to each one of his sons. Then Vasu asked them to break the stick into two. All of them were able to break them into two. All the four sons of Vasu were surprised at the behavior of his father. They patiently waited for his father to talk

Vasu told his sons, Listen, my sons, when you tried to break the four sticks as a bundle. none of you could break it. All of you are really strong

But your strength failed. When I gave you a single stick you could easily break.

He continued, in the same way

when you were together you can achieve whatever you want. But when you live alone your achievements will be less. Others will steal your things. You cannot fight alone. Hence,

please be divide the earnings equally amongst you.

The sons understood fathers wise words and they lived together ever after.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Unity is strength

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