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The 10 Coolest Police Gadgets You’ve Ever Seen

by MoralStory Editorial Team
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The 10 Coolest Police Gadgets You’ve Ever Seen

Law enforcement officers sacrifice their lives to serve and protect citizens. With the right equipment, police officers are able to perform their roles. For years, people have linked tactical gear with law enforcement and defense.

There are many types of police tactical gear and equipment that each officer carries based on the agency and role they play within law enforcement. An ordinary police officer carries basic equipment and gadgets. Such may be a flashlight, a handgun, handcuffs and a baton. They can also include a radio for communication, tape for roping off a crime scene, and other restraining devices.  On the other hand, specialized police carry powerful equipment, battering ram, and body armor.

Our post highlights the-

10 coolest police gadgets in the market-

  1. Bulletproof Vests Police Gear
  2. Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement
  3. Drones as Police Tactical Gear
  4. Flashlight as a Self-Defense Tool
  5. Baton (Nightstick) Police Gadget
  6. Knives as a Police Tactical Gear
  7. Optics to Support Law Enforcement
  8. Mace or Pepper Spray for Defence
  9. Tactical Wrist Watch for Law Enforcement Officers
  10. Radio for Effective Communication
  • 1. Bulletproof Vests Police Gear

Cops encounter situations that can endanger their lives. Hence, a police gear is completed with valuable equipment such as a bulletproof vest. While the gear doesn’t entirely block a bullet, it reduces harm by absorbing the impact.

There are utility vests and bulletproof vests. The utility vests serve the same purpose as tactical pants or belts. It has multiple deep compartments that let cops carry many items without weighing them down.

On the other hand, a bulletproof vest protects the officer from accidental harm and assault with rifles, pistols, knives, or small explosives. Some body armor offers a certain degree of protection, thus the need for the bulletproof vest. The soft version is better because they’re less noticeable.

  • 2. Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement

Police body cameras are worn by law enforcement officers on the chest or head. These cameras record the interactions between the public and the officer, and save the data as audio and video footage

Body-worn cameras are generally not standard police gear, but they are increasingly becoming popular. The gadget varies from one department to the other based on specific needs.  The main reasons for acquiring body-worn cameras include the following:

  • Reduce civilian complaints
  • Increase evidence quality
  • Improve officer safety
  • Reduce agency liability  
  • 3. Drones as Police Tactical Gear
Drones as Police Tactical Gear
Image Source: Pixabay

Drones are not part of the standard law enforcement equipment.  But, technology has revolutionized public safety and made them more popular.  Drones have made incident response operations safe, effective, remotely visible, and manageable.

Further, police use drones to conduct aerial surveillance because it’s more cost-effective than deploying a manned helicopter. A single officer can control drones equipped with different attachments from a safe distance. Thus, drones are commonly used in hostage rescue, counter-insurgency, car-chase, and more.

  • 4. Flashlight as a Self-Defense Tool

Most police officers carry a flashlight at all times.  The heavy models are better self-defense tools, while the small flashlights have incredibly bright beams. Tactical torches help law enforcement officers bind a would-be attacker or distract them. They can also use them as a striking tool during a physical confrontation.

Aside from helping in self-defense, officers use flashlights for low-light tasks like night hunting.  A top-notch flashlight has adjustable brightness that allows one to identify subjects from a distance. An officer can dial it down to prevent bounce back from blinding them or when searching a vehicle. Therefore, a flashlight is a multipurpose tool.  

  • 5. Baton (Nightstick) Police Gadget

The baton is one of the oldest items among police gadgets. Cops use it to control or disperse crowds during a riot. They also use it to protect themselves against unarmed, aggressive people.

Law enforcement use batons to break down doors and windows during dangerous situations.  They use them to free or rescue victims when trapped.

  • 6. Knives as a Police Tactical Gear

A tactical knife is one of the police gear for self-defense.  Besides self-defense, cops use it as a cutting tool to a rope or seat belt when a person is trapped inside a vehicle. Not all law enforcement officers carry knives because there are risk factors involved.

Tactical knives can be straight or foldable to help conceal them. Further, the knives give an impression of intimidation when they’re in a sticky combative spot.

  • 7. Optics to Support Law Enforcement

Police have adopted optics on their duty weapons, particularly patrol rifles. The gadgets leverage optic technology to improve confidence and effectively engage armed adversaries.  

Rifles fitted with magnified optics help them prevent a bad shooting or striking an innocent citizen when they miss the suspect. The market has different optic types, including sophisticated and expensive ones. Vortex Optics supports law enforcement officers by offering optics at a reduced price.

  • 8. Mace or Pepper Spray for Defence

Police use canisters of mace or pepper spray to neutralize or subdue individuals during riots and make an arrest. Pepper spray is a relatively peaceful alternative to force. The use of pepper spray results in fewer injuries compared to direct physical violence.

Pepper spray contains a chemical compound that causes uncontrollable eye-watering, eye pain, sneezing, dry cough, shortness of breath, etc. Cops use it on humans and aggressive animals like bears and dogs.

  • 9. Tactical Wrist Watch for Law Enforcement Officers 

Law enforcement officers wear tactical wristwatches as part of their equipment. Tactical watches have several more interesting features than ordinary watches that tell time. The watch is built with tough material, thus suitable for harsh conditions. The wristwatch is worn by security forces, and has different capabilities, including:

  • Extremely water resistant
  • Shockproof
  • Withstand dust and temperature fluctuations  
  • Non-reflective
  • High-quality lighting
  • Few external projections

Tactical watches are built for any purpose. Some of these wristwatches monitor the biometrics and provide crucial data about the status of their body.

  • 10. Radio for Effective Communication

Most security forces departments use radios to facilitate communication among the dispatch and other officers. Cops attach these radios to the utility belt or shoulder area. They can even hold them with a radio pouch. This makes it easier to use them.


Law enforcement officers use many gadgets when providing security because they work in potentially dangerous environments.  Some of the LA police gear is for self-defense, to distract attackers, subdue individuals when making an arrest, or free victims.

While there is multiple police tactical gear, this article has highlighted 10 items that cops use when performing their duty.  They can carry them physically, store them in the police vehicle, and wear or fasten them to the utility belt.   

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