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Ernest Khalimov – The Viral GigaChad Meme of This Ultimate Alpha Male

The Viral GigaChad Meme of This Ultimate Alpha Male

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Ernest Khalimov - The Viral GigaChad Meme of This Ultimate Alpha Male

Ernest Khalimov, also known as the ultimate GigaChad on the internet, has become an internet sensation for his aesthetic muscular body and alpha-male facials.

First featured in 2017 as a model in SLEEK’N’TEARS, Ernest became an internet meme, and everyone has been talking about him since then. Whenever there is a topic of masculinity or being tough as a man, his pictures are shared to show how an ideal man should look.

Who is Ernest Khalimov?

The muscular tower of a man known as GigaChad is a Russian Model with huge yet perfectly aligned muscles that every man wants. What’s unreal about this man is his incredibly chiseled jawline that seems too good to be true.

The Apex Alpha-Male of this GigaChad has become the ultimate image of masculinity. The man is filled up with testosterone and fears no man at all. But who is this ultimate mountain of a man?

Ernest Khalimov is a bodybuilder living in Moscow, Russia. There is not much known about the man himself and his personal life; we know that he models for a Russian art project called SLEEK’N’TEARS, run by Krista Sudmalis.

Even though we can find his unreal photos online, his non-existence on the internet as a “normal personal” has us questioning if Ernest Khalimov is a real person or just a digital representation of a GigaChad.

To answer whether Ernest exists, we went deep into the internet and explored the ultimate truth for you!

Is Ernest Khalimov aka GigaChad Real?

As we know that the GigaChad was introduced by us by a Russian project called SLEEK’N’TEARS, run by Krista Sudmalis; let’s take a deep look into how he was introduced and how he became an internet meme.

The SLEEK’N’TEARS Project by Krista Sudmalis

Krista started his art project in 2011 when she would post digitalized dark-themed art to please her followers. She would often edit herself and other male models’ faces into these art forms and depict what she had in her creative mind.

The SLEEK’N’TEARS Project by Krista Sudmalis

It was the year 2014 when she shifted her art project from dark art to male body and masculinity. Her Instagram account was then filled with lean and buff naked male models and was exploring what a man’s body could look like when worked out to its extreme. 

Krista Sudmalis and Her 5 Muses of the Male Models

As she shifted her art to masculinity, she introduced five male models in an interview, one of which was Arthur Farad, her boyfriend at the time.

He and the other four male models would appear in her works. After that, we saw more new models getting featured in her semi-naked art on Instagram.

Out of the four muses we would see on her account; the fifth muse was none other than our favorite, the GigaChad!

No sooner after she posted the first pictures of Ernest, his images went viral on the internet, and men would want to become that masculine guy.

Krista Sudmalis and Her 5 Muses of the Male Models
Image Source: SleekNTears Instagram`

The photo above shows one of the first-ever pictures taken of Ernest in 2017. After that, he became an internet sensation, an ideal picture of masculinity.

After his photos went viral, everyone started discussing whether the GigaChad was real or just a digitalized man who lives in a fantasy world.

Evidence That Giga Chad Isn’t Real

At first, people assumed that Krista was photoshopping her boyfriend into GigaChad, and it seemed to be working fine. The photo below shows that it was her boyfriend on the LEFT, and then she photoshopped GigaChad on the RIGHT.

We will provide you with three pieces of evidence to show that Ernest Khalimov, aka Giga Chad, may not be a real person but merely a CGI.

Evidence 1

The real speculations start when we look closely at these photos. When compared, some would argue that these are two different photos, while others would say that she photoshopped her boyfriend into Ernest.

Are These Two Different Photos or the Same? Decide for Yourself. 

Evidence That Giga Chad Isn’t Real - Evidence 1
Image Source: Twitter

Does this mean that it was her boyfriend all along? No!

After her boyfriend, she would make more realistic CGI of GigaChad; some would say that it was her father or, at least, an illustration of him. In a deleted Instagram post by berlin.1969 (Ernest Khalimov), there was a picture of Krista and Ernest. Krista was asked if that little child was her, and she responded with a yes.

Evidence 2

After digging up more evidence, we saw that Krista had been editing random models into Ernest. Initially, the photos looked awkward as the editing wasn’t on par.

Evidence That Giga Chad Isn’t Real - Evidence 2
Image Source: VK 

The photo on the left shows the original image of a model named Beto Malfacini, photographed by Lucio Luna in 2013. The picture on the right is GigaChad, “captured” in 2014 by Krista Sudmalis for her art project.

If we look closely, we can see that his face looks edited, painted, and far from reality. After that, her editing skills may have improved, and now we see Ernest as a real human being.

Evidence 3

This evidence has been removed, but back then, Ernest had a VK profile in which he or Krista would post Giga Chad’s photos. 

Does this mean that it was her boyfriend all along? No!
Image Source: VK/YouTube

On the left, you can see a male model posing, but on the right, that exact person has been photoshopped into Ernest but with low-quality graphics and painted colors. 

Now, if we hadn’t seen these three pieces of evidence, we wouldn’t believe that Ernest wasn’t a real person. All these pictures have been removed from the internet to hide our favorite man’s true identity, and don’t take our word for it; the evidence still may be irrelevant – Ernest Khalimov may actually be a real person, but how do we find out?

Berlin.1969 Message If He Really Exists

Berlin.1969 Message If He Really Exists
Image Source: Instagram


Yes, I heard that I don’t exist. It suits me. The “art project” sounds great thanks 👍🏻

I don’t have Twitter, Facebook or anything else.

I like the memes you make. I don’t know much about it, but yes, I’m just like you, maybe a little bigger.

I read the messages you write and really glad that some people are inspired. Good luck guys.

If it’s important to you, I open comments so have fun while I chop wood 👌🏻 I’ll check next week.

Best regards.”

Ernest Khalimov – Krista’s Illustration of Her Father

When Krista posted a picture of her childhood with GigaChad, some followers asked her if it was her in the picture, and she said yes!

What it means is that Krista misses her father, and she created a digital version of him and edited him into her male muses to make him real. And boy, is he real!

Ernest Khalimov - Krista’s Illustration of Her Father
Image Source: berlin.1969

He has become an internet sensation and joined the realm of “literally me,” along with Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, and many others. What’s cute about the whole debate is that Krista has been successful in not only creating his father’s Illustration into Ernest, aka GigaChad, but he has become so popular that he represents every “Man” on the planet.

Giga Chad aka Ernest – A Man Everyone Wants to Become

Even though the evidence suggests that Ernest isn’t actually real, we still want to become like him. He is the ultimate image of masculinity. While some say that he sets an unrealistic standard of how a man should look, others would argue that he inspires us to push our limits and see what we can become if we train hard enough.

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