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How Jonathan VanAntwerpen Started Reverberations – A Digital Forum with SSRC

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Jonathan VanAntwerpen Reverberations

Reverberations was launched in 2013 with the collaboration of the Social Science Research Council and Religion and the Public Sphere by Jonathan VanAntwerpen. How’s it doing now?


In the scientific research community, we researchers work a lot and bring upon our results and share them with each other before the formal peer review The problem with this was that there was no centralized party where we could have discussions. Well, having physical social interactions is always fancied, but are not convenient due to budget constraints.

To solve this problem, the Social Science Research Council and Religion and the Public Sphere have created a new online forum called Reverberations. With a focus on fostering dialogue and encouraging collaboration, Reverberations provides a unique space for scholars, practitioners, and the general public to explore the complexities of religion’s role in shaping our world. 

In other words, this digital forum Reverberations, started by Jonathan VanAntwerpen, is a place for people to talk and research how religion affects society. It aims to bring people together to have discussions and work together to understand the complicated role of religion in our world.

Since 2013, the forum has been successful in building a loyal community of researchers and the general public where they can read articles and research findings. Moreover, there are videos and articles shared about how some countries are reluctant towards accepting minorities into society.

Reverberations – What Does it Represent?

As mentioned before in the article, the forum is full of case studies, articles, research, surveys, and videos regarding society, and religion, and how they both affect each other, especially in countries and societies religious people are resisted.

In the forum, you will see many socialists talk about different religions such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. In other words, Topics covered on the forum range from the relationship between prayer, imagination, and the voice of God, to the role of prayer in world-making, and the materiality of prayer. 

Reverberations features many portals to sort out the information shared and makes it organized. For instance, there are different categories that are defined for specific information. 

The following are the categories:

  • People
  • Projects
  • The Prayer Blog
  • Essays & Exchanges
    Prayer Portals
  • Prayer in Wider Perspective

Woman-Led Prayer (Fareen Parvez and Mariam Awaisi)

This is one of the most controversial articles posted on Reverberations by Fareen Parvez and Mariam Awaisi. It represents an interview by Professor Fareen Parvez and Mariam Awaisi with Juliane Hammer. We read the whole interview so that you don’t have to. Here’s what Woman-led prayer represents in Islam and how the debate has been building throughout the years.

Image Source: Reverberations

“The argument about women leading prayer groups in Muslim communities is not just about whether women can do it or not. It is about different opinions on the role of women in these communities and what equality means. 

Some people think that having women lead prayer groups is a step towards equality, while others believe it is not necessary. The argument also involves both the religious and social parts of Muslim communities. There is another argument about women giving sermons, where some communities allow women to write sermons but not speak them. 

However, there are a few communities where women do give sermons, but they are not very common. There is also a discussion about women having their own spaces in worship or having mixed groups, and this relationship depends on the community’s beliefs and rules.”

Thanks to Reverberations, such issues are now catching the light and being presented on a global level. Jonathan VanAntwerpen has provided us with a forum where we can address such issues and have other experts’ say as well.

Who is Jonathan VanAntwerpen?

Jonathan VanAntwerpen works as the Program Director for Religion and Theology at the Henry Luce Foundation. Before that, he worked at the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) in New York City, where he created and managed a program focused on Religion and the Public Sphere. Jonathan holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and is co-author of several books about secularism, religion, and public life.

He also introduced a range of innovative digital publishing platforms and edited a digital publication called The Immanent Frame, which was recognized as an honoree of the 12th Webby Awards.

In addition to that, he launched Reverberations, a digital platform for everyone to share information and discuss today’s social and religious issues.


Reverberations is a website about religion and its impact on the world. It was created in 2013 by Jonathan VanAntwerpen and their partners. It is a place for researchers and the public to learn and talk about different aspects of religion. The website has many topics and ways to find information. Its goal is to promote conversation and collaboration between people with different backgrounds to learn more about the connection between religion and society. 

Jonathan VanAntwerpen, with his expertise in religion, sociology, and digital publishing, played a big part in making Reverberations a successful platform for discussing important social and religious topics on a global scale.

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