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SmiHub: View Instagram Stories Anonymously, Features, Alternatives

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Last modified on June 30th, 2023 at 6:50 pm


SmiHub is an online tool that lets you watch other people’s Instagram stories anonymously. You don’t even need an Instagram account to stalk someone online.

In this article, we review one of the best online tools that let you watch and download Instagram stories for free.

Introduction To SmiHub Story Viewer

Have you ever wanted to watch a person’s stories online, but you don’t want that person to know you viewed their story? You’re at the right place at the right time, as we have a magical tool for you: SmiHub.

As we all know that there’s that one person that we want to follow and see what they’re up to, but the thing is that Instagram is very strict with its privacy policies. If you see someone’s story, they will definitely know that you watched the story.

We are looking for a solution that lets us see Instagram stories anonymously. Lucky for us, SmiHub is an online tool that solves this problem of ours.

SmiHub And Its Magic

SmiHub is a tool that is currently being used by a couple of websites online. One is StoriesIG, while the other is Dumpor. Both these websites use the SmiHub API, and you can easily surf them by clicking the links above.

This way, you can start that person anonymously. The best thing about SmiHub is that you don’t even have to put in your credit card details – it is completely free.

SmiHub – Features

Now that we know that SmiHub is an awesome online tool to view Instagram stories anonymously. There may be other features, right? Let’s discuss all of them.

It is Free

Yes, you read that right. SmiHub is a completely free online tool for viewing Instagram stories anonymously. One must be thinking that credit card details must be required – NO! You just use the tool for free.

No Log-in or Sign Up Required

“If not a credit card, there must be a requirement to make an account, right?” No!

The good news is that the developers have prioritized the user experience above all. You don’t even have to log in or sign up for SmiHub. You simply head to their website and start using the tool immediately.

Download Stories Anonymously

Did you watch that person’s story? Well, it doesn’t end here. SmiHub allows us to download that story as well. The process will be done anonymously. They won’t even have a clue that you watched your story, let alone downloaded it. As you download the story, it will be saved on your computer for you to watch even when 24 hours have passed.

Be Completely Anonymous

No one will have an idea that you watched their story. SmiHub’s best feature is that you can watch that story without having to let them know you watched it. This way, you are completely anonymous – at least on Instagram.

SmiHub – Drawbacks

Every tool on the internet – whether it’s paid or free – has both pros and cons. SmiHub is no different. This section of this article will discuss all the drawbacks this tool has.

Can’t View Stories of Private Accounts

Now, that is some bad news for us. As we discussed earlier, Instagram is very secure when it comes to privacy policies. SmiHub was successful in breaching the algorithm but only for those accounts that are public.

Private accounts on Instagram are very secure. You cannot view stories of a private account anonymously using SmiHib. That’s it, there’s no other disadvantage of using this unique online tool for being anonymous on Instagram.

How To Use SmiHub To View Stories Anonymously

Now that you know what this tool is all about. Now, it is time for us to know to use this tool for watching Instagram stories anonymously. Follow these steps:

For example you go the website and search techloversahmad and you get this result

For example you go the website and search techloversahmad and you get this result
  • and then you search for another account like below and so on.
  • Select the account to confirm
How To Use SmiHub To View Stories Anonymously
  1. All of their stories will be in front of you – watch those stories anonymously
  2. To download the stories, you can click the download
All of their stories will be in front of you - watch those stories anonymously

This is how you can view and download Instagram stories online anonymously.

SmiHub – Alternatives

Yes, don’t limit yourself to just SmiHub. This tool is available online via different names. We are listing all the names that you can find this tool from:

  1. Insta Stalker
  2. Insta Stories
  3. Imginn
  4. MyStalk
  5. Picuki
  6. StoryInsta
  7. Dumpor
  8. StoriesDown

You can surf these links and avail all the benefits of SmiHub.

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