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4 Game-Changing Publishing Trends of 2022

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Last modified on November 24th, 2023 at 1:53 pm

The last decade has been very shaky for every industry in the world. Honestly, the changes we noticed were quite drastic. Specifically, looking back at the field of writing, reading, and publishing, nothing is the same. In ten years, there has been a recurring shift in publishing.

Moreover, many industries that were reluctant to move into cyberspace took the plunge because of the pandemic. However, specific changes were already made in the publishing industry. Long before the pandemic, a great number of readers moved to eBooks. The growth of the eBook industry suggests that people prefer them. For that, there are some solid reasons, such as they are easy to carry around, they don’t eat up the space of your home, and they are easy to find.

The increasing demand for eBooks and digital marketplaces made self-publishing and hybrid publishing switch into the digital world. The publishing industry was prepared to tackle the problem created by the pandemic. The good thing about this situation is that we can now predict the publishing trends in 2022 that won’t go anywhere anytime soon. 

The revolutionary tech changes that are still in progress in the publishing industry are platform-building, Artificial intelligence, cross-promotional marketing, collaborative approaches, and machine learning. 

More Audience and Online Subscriptions

It’s no wonder that almost every reader was hooked to an eBook during the pandemic. As time passes and we live with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people will work from home, stay at home in quarantine, or by choice. That means there would be a constant increase in the percentage of people who read eBooks or subscribe to online news.

At least for the self-publishing authors, the pandemic initiated a positive turn. 

Finding a Platform for the Book 

If you are a self-publisher, you should know that you have to provide top quality to the reader for them to search for your book. If you want to follow that road to success, you need to find a recognized platform for your book. Don’t just rely on attractive book covers and the typical book marketing strategies to encourage readers to seek your book.  

Your book should tick all the boxes to look attractive and stand out to your readers in this crowded market. You have to excite people about it if you don’t want it to get lost in history. For that, all you need is a scintillating author website, your social media channels, or blogs or podcasts. The reason behind any of these is to let the reader know more about you and your aim with your work. Once you have these platforms to promote your book, the audience will have a medium to engage with you. Also, it will become easier for the readers to reach your work.

Make your website a place that will help readers navigate your blogs, your books, and your social media sites. A good platform with great marketing trends will push the readers to connect with you.           

Audiobooks Are Garnering More Popularity

Last year, the sales of audiobooks took off by more than 300%. The fact that readers are getting inclined to such content surprised many. It made us realize that the younger generations are avid listeners. 

This hype for audiobooks will not end this year or in the future. The market is still trying to crack how audiobooks could reach this number. It can either be curiosity or the ease with which readers can experience a story. 

Many famous personalities have their share in this trend as well. For instance, celebrities narrate their biographies in their audiobooks. For instance, Michelle Obama, Trevor Noah, and Snoop Dog showed that their memoirs could be transformed into fun audio form. So, anyone can hire someone for biography writing and make an astounding audiobook that appeals to the audience.

AI Making Debut in the Publishing World

Since Artificial intelligence has been developed, it has been utilized on numerous platforms like marketing, finance, customer service, and online streaming sites. A few years ago, publishers also started using AI for several applications. 

If you think that robots will write books, don’t worry! That isn’t the case. We have seen successful use of AI in industries like journalism, publishing, etc.

AI has the ability to create blog posts for the marketing of authors. The content they make depends on the ideas you have.

On top of that, it has been recently revealed that it can summarize entire manuscripts, so the PR experts and designers can develop efficient ways to exhibit a book in less time. In addition to that, it can determine writing style and translate your book into any language you want.

In Conclusion 

If you follow these publishing trends in 2022, it may significantly increase your book’s sale. Speaking of that, if you don’t know where to go to publish your book, you can visit the author tribe. It is a company that takes honor in representing the underrepresented voices and connects them with the right audience.

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