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How to Maintain and Extend the Lifespan of Your Water Filter

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Water intake is significant in maintaining your health, as water is needed for your major organs’ healthy functioning. Not only do you have to watch out for sufficient hydration, but water quality is also necessary. The water you ingest should be potable because it is free from impurities. 

Water filters are helpful in most households, especially in countries where tap water or groundwater is not an option for consumption. Nonetheless, water filters can also fail to remove contaminants if not looked after. To prolong the lifespan of your water filter, here are useful tips for a heads-up.

1. Choose High-Grade Water Filter

Perhaps a long water filter lifespan will start with the device itself. Buying a quality device is highly suggested with the overflow of products in the market. High-grade water filters might be less prone to malfunctioning and excessive repairs. Australian water filters of good quality can be purchased at the convenience of your home.

2. Know Your Water Filter

Maintaining your water filter starts with understanding the workings behind it. Not all filters are the same, and there is a variation in their mechanisms. Ultraviolet sterilization, activated carbon, and reverse osmosis are three mechanisms.

3. Replace the RO membrane 

The RO or Reverse Osmosis membrane removes impurities (such as those in hard water) as a part of the filtration system. With such a significant purpose, it is vital in your water filter and susceptible to malfunctioning.

Your RO system tends to worsen the water quality if used up because of the removal of hard water contaminants. As a solution, it is recommended to replace your Reverse Osmosis membrane.

4. Use Quality Products

Water softeners are useful in maintaining the health of your water filter. Some areas have hard water, so using a water softener is suggested along with the other helpful tips.

In addition, the utilization of strong cleaning products is discouraged. They might endanger your family’s health as when integrated into your filtering system, you might ingest harmful chemicals. 

On the other hand, cleaning with warm water is recommended. Liquid with hot temperatures could do more damage than good to your filters. Professional plumbers could help you maintain your water filter, especially when using water softeners.

5. Installing Chlorine-Removal Systems

Standard Chlorine Removal System and Canister Chlorine Removal System are two chief classifications of chlorine-removal systems. As their name implies, they eliminate chlorine in the water being processed by your water filter.

The most distinct difference in these systems is the types of carbon that they use—the standard uses loose activated carbon, while the canister uses loose activated carbon. Replacing the carbon in your chlorine-removal system is suggested for every two-year interval.

6. Be Particular with the Water Pressure

When it comes to the pressure regulator of your filtration, it should be checked regularly. Water pressure should be set in the desired range for the system. Also, note that some parts might affect the water pressure; therefore, replace them if they malfunction.

Punctures might be present in your filter. Even impurities can be a blockage. Both affect the water volume or pressure in your filtration system.

Caring for Your Water Filter

Like any other home appliance or tool, your water filter needs extra attention. Neglecting its maintenance will cause you to get less from your money’s worth. Observing these tips extends its lifespan to enjoy its functions and maximize what you had paid for.

As a household item, a water filter prevents unnecessary bills from health issues caused by contaminated water. Therefore, be safe and not sorry. Choose a high-quality water filter, spend extra care, and drink your daily water dose away.

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