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The Best Tips to Sell Your House during COVID-19

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Last modified on November 17th, 2022 at 1:44 pm


The housing industry is always hit hard by uncertain times like pandemics. The economy struggles and everyone goes on survival mode thinking they can live without a new house for a while. It becomes a daunting task to do transactions at all.

For those who cannot wait for the economy to be stable, it is best to adapt to the changing environment. Starting by redefining the way business was conducted in the normal days, you can part with your property if you are willing to invest some time and think out of the box.

In this post, we are going to share some practical tips that will help you to sell your house fast during the pandemic.


Before COVID-19, it was easy to arrange visiting days. Install an open house sign outside the house and let the prospectors come and take a look. You could interact with them and answer all the questions that might pop into their heads.

If you are adamant about selling now, you need to change the course. Take the help of the technology and take pictures of your house. Better yet, hire a real estate photographer and prepare an online catalog of your house showing all of its key spaces. Go through all the preparations before doing so to get the maximum attention of the buyers.

You can take this experience to a real-like scenario by making an application that gives a three-dimension tour of your house. It does not cost much but you can expect maximum exposure and engagement by doing this.


It was important to clean and make your house presentable before the visiting hours. With the raging pandemic, it is necessary.

Go for a deep cleaning program that includes decluttering and getting rid of all the things that do not make sense to a detached person looking for a home. It will make your house seem spacious and airy and give you the comfort of being at home.

The clean and tidy appearance will surely impress the virtual visitors. Keep in mind not to spend too much on revamping or cleaning. It should be just as much that cleans the house thoroughly without costing too much. Trying cleaning and decluttering hacks is a great idea in this regard where you can do more for less.


When a buyer comes along, they are often nitpicking to find things that can make them turn away and scare you of losing a potential buyer. Selling a distressed home, make sure you have all the relevant documents in order before someone asks you to show them to him.

By keeping the paperwork handy allows you to command the selling process with little to no one conditions that can hurt your side of the bargain.

Following are some of the papers that you should have before you install the sign “house for sale” outside your place;

  • Titles
  • Insurance
  • Property Valuations
  • Council Property Information
  • Easement
  • Plans & Maps

In short, you should have all the papers that you might have inquired to a seller if you were buying a house.

If you have all the documents and some of them have to be verified to notarized, do it at once.


Since not many people are buying this time, it is hard to get exposure in the usual places where homes for sale are listed. Instead, think about new areas where you can get your message to thousands of people. Social media marketing is the way.

You need to target the audience to take your message and spread it across social media platforms. Applications like Facebook and Twitter offer cheap advertisement plans where you can put the ad and it will be seen by thousands of people. You can set the demographics and other variables in your advertisement plan that can help you in finding the buyer for your property.

Real Estate Agent

In this market, it will take a long time for an inexperienced person to sell his or her house. There are so many hurdles in the way that are not easy to master. You can cut all of your troubles by finding an agent from licensed realtors.

Realtors are industry specialists that are adept at finding prospects and then negotiate them into making a deal. They have extensive experience and connections with other realtors. In a sense, you can tap the resources of multiple agents by hiring one.

They can also help you in following the tips mentioned in the earlier postulates. They can answer questions of the buyers and help you in securing a favorable deal in the least possible time. Moreover, they can also arrange deals with quick buying companies that pay usually lesser than average buyers. But you will have hard cash as soon as you are willing to part with your house.

There is no denying that the pandemic has made it harder for anyone to sell a house in the market. Still, by following these tips, especially hiring a licensed real estate agent, you will be able to get a good price for your house without waiting for weeks.

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