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6 Ways To Create An Impression On Your New Clients

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Create An Impression On Your New Clients

It’s a known fact that making a good first impression is very important when it comes to networking with prospective clients.

You’ll probably get just one shot at impressing them and if something goes wrong, your potential customers are unlikely to purchase from you.

In fact, 55% of first impressions in a company depend on what the customer sees. So if you wish to know how to make your clients remember you, here are some tips!

1. Find common ground with them

‘The first useful tip to create a great impression with your client is to find some common ground. See things that interest both of you, so you have something to discuss as an icebreaker.

For this, you’ll need to do some research beforehand and determine your client’s wants and needs.

However, be careful not to stalk them constantly or tell them information that might be too personal. Maintain a level of professionalism but also be free to make some small talk in the beginning.

2. Make eye contact

It might not look like much but maintaining eye contact is crucial. It is a non-verbal mode of communication that shows the clients you are willing to take them seriously.

Moreover, it also serves as a form of respect. Your client will appreciate the fact you’re paying attention to whatever they are saying, and ultimately, this small gesture will reflect positively on your entire company.

And not looking at the person while talking to them might make your customers feel that you’re nervous or fidgety. So look at them directly and keep a small smile while communicating.

3. Distribute business cards

Business cards are another way of taking your company from a small workforce to something much bigger. So, order business cards immediately to build your status and impress your clients.

Go for cards that are made of premium-quality materials like wood or metal. While distributing these cards, maintain a professional vibe.

For example, if you get paper ones, don’t give out folded business cards or cards that are worn out at the corners. Instead, keep a full stack in a small box and take it out while handing out the cards.

But buying digital business cards that the receiver’s smartphone can scan is better. Then, you can use the same card repeatedly instead of handing them out.

4. Dress for the occasion

This is quite an obvious point. When you’re going to a corporate meeting to talk to potential customers, you can’t wear a t-shirt and a pair of denim pants.

If you dress too casually, your clients will feel you’re not taking your company seriously. What you wear to work greatly contributes to your first impression. Whether or not people realize it, they are affected by how you dress and smell.

So take a bath, put on clean and ironed clothes, and sprinkle a bit of body mist or perfume. You’ll be surprised at how impressed others are with your dressing sense.

5. Listen actively

Just like maintaining eye contact is important, so is listening. They might figure it out if you keep staring at the speaker, but your mind travels elsewhere.

Whether you’re talking to a prospective partner or a customer, you must really listen to what they’re saying, even if the topic seems boring or alien to you.

If you’re unsure of how to respond, you can always ask follow-up questions. This will give you more clarity on the discussed topic and let the other person know that you’re taking an active interest in it, even if you’re unaware.

6. Be sincere

Look, every businessperson will hype their products a little when it comes to marketing strategies. And that’s pretty normal.

The difference lies in how you target your audience and promote your brand. This is why it’s important to be sincere and authentic.

Your clients will be sharp-minded individuals who can easily pick out the truth from something that is blatantly false. So it definitely pays to be yourself and speak in a manner that comes from the heart.

It will ruin your flow if you’re constantly worried about what your client is thinking.

Over to you…

These unique ways will make sure that you never fail to impress your clients and resonate with them.

Remember to use positive body language, sharp communication skills, and kindness. A mix of all these qualities will surely expand your client base by tenfolds!

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