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7 unavoidable steps to create a safe and healthy work environment

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create a safe and healthy work environment

There are a lot of things that make a company ideal. According to some, it’s the compensation; for others, it’s the holiday schedules.

But ultimately, the most important factor that goes into ensuring a good workplace is the safety and security of its employees.

Unfortunately, employee safety and security in many companies aren’t as strict as they should be.

In fact, the ILO has said that 2.3 million men and women around the world die due to workplace-related accidents or injuries every year.

So, if you want to keep such situations at bay and make your company a safe and healthy environment, here are some smart tips!

1. Ask them for feedback

It might not sound like much, but employee feedback is one of the most important tools for ensuring your office space is a safe zone for everyone.

Install AI-powered chatbots that automatically request every employee to give their honest accounts of what it feels like to work in the company.

If you wish, someone can even give their suggestions anonymously. If you give your employees a voice, you will provide an opportunity to get rid of any unsafe workplace habits.

2. Train them well

Before any new employee starts working, it’s important to make sure that they know each and every rule.

And it doesn’t just involve reading out the rules loudly from a binder. You need to demonstrate the safety regulations and ensure that everyone, including the experienced employees, follows them thoroughly.

One good way to promote workplace safety is to reward the employees who have shown safe workplace behavior. This will inspire others and reduce workplace injuries.

3. Conduct frequent drug testing sessions

Drug testing is a major part of a safe space. Nobody wants to work with someone who has been known to consume harmful substances, whether at the workplace or off-premises.

Moreover, if they need to work with heavy machinery, it can lead to fatal situations. So, regular drug testing is also a must.

Drug tests will vary depending on your company’s location, but they should be a key component of the annual employee health checkup scheme.

If you buy any drug testing kit from a retail shop, it’ll obviously be a pretty hefty amount. So, instead, order in bulk from a reliable wholesaler that claims to detect drugs and alcohol in the system within a short period.

4. Create a psychologically-safe zone

When it comes to workplace harassment, a lot of employees, especially female ones, are afraid to speak up.

If you create an environment of psychological safety, everyone, irrespective of gender, age, or culture, can talk to you. They’ll know that they can express themselves without any fear or inhibitions.

But building a psychological connection with your employees takes time and a lot of patience. First, you must show them you truly care as a mentor and leader.

5. Encourage breaks

If your company involves spending a lot of screen time on computers or laptops, it can be a cause for concern.

Blue light exposure will not only damage your employees’ eyes in the long run but might also cause mental and emotional problems. This is why you should encourage them to take frequent breaks, say after every 20 minutes or so.

Ask them to stretch or go to the break room for snacks. Taking even a small five-minute break can rest their eyes and help them to stretch their muscles.

6. Recruit candidates carefully

Hiring people for your company can seem like an easy enough job, but it’s actually much harder than it sounds.

When you hire someone, you’re essentially introducing a new member to your large family. So, ensure that this new member matches the energy and culture of the existing company ethics.

For example, if you have a small team of employees and all of them prefer working in the office itself, but the new recruit wants to work only from home, then it might create an imbalance and affect the entire team’s productivity and motivation.

7. Keep the office clean

Hygiene is perhaps one of the most underrated factors in an office. No matter what kind of industry you belong to, it’s crucial to maintain proper hygiene protocols so that no employee falls ill.

A messy workplace will not only lead to unnecessary accidents but will also give a poor impression to potential clients.

So, conduct regular inspections every month and see which areas of the office require improvement in terms of cleanliness. Then, set up hand-sanitizing stations and encourage everyone to maintain protocol.

Over to you…

A healthy and safe workplace begins with you, so promote these healthy habits ASAP. If you’re alert and dedicated to improving your company, then these factors will be of utmost importance.

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