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Why Should We Need A Battle Pass In NBA 2K22?

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Why Should We Need A Battle Pass In NBA 2K22?

There are a lot of battle passes in a lot of different video games, Fortnite, Apex, Call of Duty a lot of these battle royal games have battled passes. But there are games out there that aren’t even battle royalel and still have battle passes and it works. Although there are some players who hate the idea of having a battle pass as well as a season pass in NBA 2K22, it’s the modern gaming industry after all. This article is going to help you find out everything you need about the season pass in NBA 2K22, and the reasons we need it. Buy NBA 2K22 MT for sale, is always the safest online store!

It is believed that they’re going to have a season’s thing. Now seasons is their way of saying battle pass, for specifical park and before you get all upset about it, this is actually a really good idea in NBA 2K22. The reason is that 2k gets very boring very fast if you’ve played the game before they rep. Then with your rep, you get upgrades. Within your rep every time you wrap up you get a brand new thing or game currency NBA 2K22 MT unlocked.

The Disadvantage of Battle Pass In NBA 2K22

The problem with a battle pass in NBA 2K22 is that you got to pay for them with your real money. If it’s a free game, most players don’t mind having a battle pass. But if it’s a game that paid 70 dollars for why should you have to buy a battle pass? 

The Advantage of Battle Pass In NBA 2K22

But after you wrap up what’s there to do after that, you get kind of bored and even then you realize how hard it is to get to a specific level, and then you kind of just don’t want to play anymore. With a battle pass it comes out every two months, you see the challenges and rewards that you’re going to be able to get. You will get excited about it and you wrap up or level up super fast. It’s hype we have to admit it.

Why Should We Need A Battle Pass In NBA 2K22?

2K Intel shows us that 2k already has a game called NBA 2K and it’s a golf game. They had a thing called the clubhouse pass which is their battle pass. It’s like any other game you start playing you level up, you get items for example you get clubs, different kinds of gloves, different kinds of shirts, and shorts that you can unlock in 2K. This could be very similar in the sense that you can unlock a basketball, clothes, animations, badges or NBA 2K MT. Maybe you even have a lion as a pet, a car, an airplane, a jet pack or more cool rewards. These are things that can get us excited and it’s another version of rep rewards but even more rewards.

MyTEAM already had this in the first place that’s what people are trying to explain. But the MyTEAM version is not very good. For being honest the majority of players do not play MyTEAM, though it’s the second biggest game no doubt, the majority of players we play park. In MyTEAM, you already get cards being thrown at you every week, so there’s new content all the time for MyTEAM. For the park, you can get rewards that come with the game. There are no new changes to look forward to or get excited about.

The more exciting thing for sure is a battle pass compare to the NBA 2K22 gameplay. Because we get to see what cool thing is going to come out every two weeks. For the fans of NBA 2K, no matter how the gameplay is, most of us are getting 2K every year because we like basketball as well as video games. But to see a battle pass that has really cool rewards that you can look forward to all the time. 

A YouTuber(PowerDF) once said: “Two key things in NBA 2K are the gameplay and the incentives to keep playing. That’s why rep and rewards are so important as well.” That is why MyTEAM is so successful because they’re constantly throwing cards without costing NBA2K22MTat you that you haven’t had before and it makes you have incentives to keep grinding and playing.

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