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Why is HR Software gaining popularity in Pakistan?

by Arman Ali
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Changing the way you manage your employees is how you can save the world in theory. This is what the CEO of Gallup believes in wholeheartedly. Using an HR software for managing everything related to HR promises faster, smarter, and more effective processes.

Now, companies are starting to rely on HR software more and more in Pakistan. Even in small and medium-sized enterprises, the number of employees is increasing. This increase in the workforce means more employees to manage. 

For example, calculating payrolls, taxes, deductions, increments, and tracking attendance and leaves, etc. everything requires time, data, and a high level of effort especially when done manually for a huge number of employees. 

Companies, in the past, have lost thousands of dollars in costs and fines because manual calculations often meant human errors, noncompliance, and missed taxes.The increase in adoption is basically because this innovative tool has the ability to meet the needs of  SMEs and large enterprises.

In this article, we’ll explore the key features of HR software and why it is necessary in the modern era, especially for those who are at the beginning of their HR careers.

The Changing HR Setting in Pakistan

In the past, managing human resources meant a lot of paperwork and time-consuming manual tasks. Then, when technological advancement became the norm, and the world shifted towards digitalization, operations of HR in Pakistan transformed significantly. Nowadays, organizations are acknowledging the significance of Human Resource Software for smoothing their day-to-day tasks and improving overall productivity. 

Key Drivers of HR Software Adoption

When any company, big or small, accepts and adopts technology, there are some key drivers behind this decision.

Increased Efficiency

HR software simplifies day-to-day managerial tasks and also reduces the effort regarding record time of managing employees, managing payroll, managing attendance, and more. According to one survey, companies that use Human Resource software increase the efficiency of operations by 30%.

Improved Accuracy

With the help of HR automation, the risk of human error is reduced in all HR processes including the most complicated payroll calculations and compliance. It is necessary to use accurate records for better decision-making. 

HR makes payroll calculations, attendance records, and employee data without any discrepancy, which boosts confidence and trust in organizations.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

In Pakistan, labor laws and regulations are crucial, making compliance an absolute concern for businesses. HR software makes it easy for organizations to stay compliant by automating their leave tracking, payroll tax calculations, and other legal essentials. This helps in reducing the risk of non-compliance but also helps in saving valuable time.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Employee experience is one of the most important priorities for HR professionals alongside the directors of any company. In human resource management, HR system increases the employee experience by optimizing onboarding, providing self-service portals for employees, and facilitating efficient feedback mechanisms. 

These features give control in the hands of the employees, which leads to high employee satisfaction and engagement which leads to boost productivity.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The importance of HR software has become undeniable. It is because HR professionals today are basing their decisions on information collected from attendance records, performance scores, and so on. 

This data is collected by the software and converted into an easy-to-understand form. Basically, HR professionals can use the data to identify various HR trends, decrease turnover rates, and complete evaluations based on the transparency codes.

Advantages of HR Software for Pakistani Businesses

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Pakistan has a significant number of small and medium-sized businesses. HR software is significantly beneficial for all companies in Pakistan. 

It is not only less costly, but it also integrates with multiple 3rd party applications and software as well, and it has the ability to compete with large-sized businesses in terms of human resource management. 

According to a report, all HR-related costs were reduced by 25% by using Human Resource software.

Large Corporations

Large Corporations, however, have to handle more complex human resource functions such as performance management, succession planning, and talent acquisition. HR software provides the best means to handle these kinds of functions. The outcome, thus, is a better utilization of human resources and streamlined processes. 


In the past, most of the company’s HR managers in Pakistan spent a lot of hours on routine tasks like manual data entry, and manual paperwork for attendance record keeping. However, nowadays most Human resource professionals are adopting HR software as a fast alternative to manual paperwork.

Whether for SMEs or large corporations, the benefits are significant. This is why the adoption of Human Resource software is likely to continue growing in Pakistan. Keeping the world green and reducing the carbon footprint is easier to achieve now than before. Why? Your company can go paperless with the help of these tools, HR software included.

This software offers numerous advantages, from boosting efficiency and accuracy to simplifying compliance and enhancing the employee experience.

Meta description: Explore the impact of HR software on Pakistan’s businesses, revolutionizing HR operations for efficiency, compliance, and employee engagement.

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