Home Business A Detailed Look at the Construction Industry in Qatar: Job Prospects for Indians

A Detailed Look at the Construction Industry in Qatar: Job Prospects for Indians

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Construction Industry in Qatar Job for Indians

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to think about the movement. They are tired of hard life conditions. A lot of citizens have such an incredibly fast lifestyle. They are overwhelmed with numerous job tasks, family problems, and friendly relationships, and in the end, fatigue knocks them down. But, if labor has a wonderful reward, they will be happy. How to become a fortunate person? Here the saying goes: “Happy work – happy life.” This is completely true. So, many people are looking for a dream job with a great salary in different parts of the world. According to statistics, more than 6 million citizens from European countries are working abroad in the Middle East. And the favorites among the workers’ choices are Qatar and UAE.

It is difficult for an inexperienced traveler to choose between these two variants. After all, the small country of the Persian Gulf, which you will not immediately notice on the map next to the recognized leader of the tourism industry, the UAE, has surprisingly and quickly announced itself. It hasn’t already much inferior to its powerful neighbor. Qatar is an unusual country. It is not big. You can go around it all in 2-3 hours. Its historical part isn’t notable for significant events, but the fact is that all the countries take it as an example. 

Qatar is the richest landscape in the Arab world, developing at a breakneck pace thanks to gas deposits. This fact can prompt many people to visit or even to start a new page of life exactly in it. In any case, the first place in the life of GDP in terms of purchasing power parity per capita is occupied by Qatar and it is reaching as much as 130000 US dollars per year. This indicator attracts attention.

However, it is necessary to mention the structure of GDP for future workers. The most important sphere of services (50%) and industry is about (50%). The refining of oil, petrochemical, and metallurgical industries are highly developed. That means you are going to find a great vacancy with a prestigious fee. 

Qatar is a country with a variety of vacant offers for hardworking tourists. What are the main advantages of working in this landscape?

The capital city of the country is Doha. This is the business center of the state – it is here that the offices of multinational corporations and the main giants of Qatar’s economy. The city has luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and so on. The bulk of employers who open vacancies for foreigners are concentrated in Doha. But what are the reasons for such big popularity of working here?

  • high salary;
  • an opportunity to make useful acquaintances;
  • expanding new horizons to be full of new positive emotions;
  • an opportunity to apply for citizenship.

Almost all employees of hotels, restaurants, and fitness clubs are from other countries. This fact shows the possibility for representatives of mass professions to find high-paying jobs with excellent working conditions. The salary is enough for a comfortable life. You can earn from 1000-2000 dollars on average if you work in regular restaurant and hotel positions. Moreover, this is the amount that your boss pays without charging for housing, meals, and transfers. Such an income allows you to freely save money with a decent standard of living. After issuing a residence permit, a foreigner can work for an employer until the termination of his employment relationship, which must be renewed every few years.

How to become a part of Qatar’s great working team? The necessary documents for starting your career

To work officially in Qatar you need a work visa. Without it, a foreigner can not become an employee in the country and work abroad in Qatar. In those cases, this also is issued by the intermediary to whom a Job seeker wishes to travel to the country. The most effective way to obtain a work visa is to get help from professional workers. They will collect a package (passport, questionnaire, etc) for crossing the border and registering for official work in the country. After it, the next step is to click on the Layboard and find a suitable vacancy for yourself.

You ought to remember the confirmation of financial capacity. To do this, it is necessary to first make a statement from the bank where the account is opened. The minimum amount when crossing the border should be 1,500 dollars. When crossing the border, Qatari immigration officials can thoroughly check the intentions of a foreigner. In the case of obtaining a job in Qatar, a foreigner can apply for a residence permit in the country. For this, a work visa and work permit must be approved, as well as a medical examination and fingerprint scanning. The employer must submit documents to the Ministry of Labor.


It should be noted that Qatar is currently reforming its labor laws, making it more comfortable and simple for migrants. The country is gradually abandoning the “kafala” system, which imposes several restrictions on foreign employees. Among the most important changes: were the abolition of the ban on leaving the country without a special visa, the introduction of a minimum wage for visiting workers, giving of employees the right to freely change employers after a trial period. These amendments will soon come into effect, which will further increase Qatar’s attractiveness for migrant workers.

Unlike European organizations, employers in Qatar act as guarantors of foreign employee. They help employees with the processing of documents giving them the right to work in this country, residence permits, etc. Each new employee must pass a trial period, after which he becomes a full-fledged part of the organization.

Summarising all the materials from this article, it is easy to say about the perspective of Qatar. This country attracts many people to start a new page of life. There are a lot of encouraging vacancies with great pay. So, your future comfortable life can easily start here thanks to your own perseverance.

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