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Why Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Are The End Of Money As We Know It

by MoralStory Editorial Team
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Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Are The End Of Money

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are quickly supplanting traditional currencies and changing the world of currency as we know it. It is essential to understand the implications of this for anyone looking to invest their time and money in anything that has a chance of appreciating over the long term. This is a dramatic change from traditional investment models and the only way to gain an understanding of the future implications for currencies is to understand what happened in the past. It is a historical fact that there has never been a currency that survived the test of time managed by a central authority. This is because centralization is at odds with the nature of currency itself. Currency is based on the functions of supply and demand and therefore depends on the ability to create supply consistent with the demands for it. It also requires trust in those managing it to treat its value appropriately. 

1. The End Of Centralised Money :

The birth of cryptocurrency was an epic event in the world of finance and currency. It is part of a much broader trend that has been taking place in the world economy for the last couple decades. This trend is one toward increasing decentralisation and away from increased centralization. It is at the heart of the internet and is why we have seen so many startups make fortunes while giant corporations struggle to survive. It is the reason why cryptocurrencies are now having so much influence on the world economy. This is a fundamental change in how money is created and therefore its ultimate value will depend on its ability to continue to function as we have come to expect from money.

2. The End Of Currency Manipulation :

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are highly dependent on the algorithm in place to regulate currency creation, generation and distribution. This algorithm is controlled by a decentralized group of people and is not dependent on a central authority. The result of this is that it cannot be manipulated or easily changed. This makes cryptocurrencies impossible to control by any single entity and therefore impossible to manipulate to serve the interests of others. The crypto tax india of the future will be completely independent of the control of governments and their central banks. The end result is that governments will lose interest in controlling any aspect of currency as it becomes irrelevant to their needs. 

3. The End Of National Currencies :

The potential for widespread adoption and use of cryptocurrency is one of the biggest game changers we have ever seen to affect the world economy. It will change how money is created and who controls its value. It will create an environment where traditional governments and financial institutions are completely unable to control the value of currency or enforce taxation. That means any government that chooses to manage their economy based on currencies other than cryptocurrency will no longer have a say in their economy.
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