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7 Resistance Band Exercises for a Whole-Body Workout

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Exercises for a Whole-Body Workout

Are you ready for a full-body workout? No, it does not require going to a gym, pool, or even buying a whole lot of exercise equipment. You only need one tool: a resistance band. When looking at a resistance band, it may not seem like much, but it actually might be underrated. 

One of the things many resistance band enthusiasts appreciate about resistance bands is their versatility. No matter what fitness level you are at you can begin, grow, and continue with resistance bands. You can easily carry with you an entire exercise routine with you in a small bag. Here are 7 resistance band exercises for a whole-body workout.


Before you get started with your resistance band exercises, do not forget to warm up. This is necessary before any exercise, but especially so when aiming to maintain tension. Warming up can help get your body prepared for the subsequent action, wakening muscles and loosening limbs.

A point of caution that is needed with each resistance band exercise is to not move too fast. Not only do you want to avoid pulling a muscle, but you also do not want the resistance band to slip. This can lead to snaps backs with the band, slips, and possible falls that lead to injury. Remember safety is always vital.

Bent-Over Row

Get on your feet! You do not want to lose your band. Stand on your resistance band with feet hip’s-width apart. With your palms facing your body, hold a handle of your resistance band in each hand. Slightly bend your knees and pull up while pushing your hips back. Your torso will slightly come forward doing this action.

While you pull the handles and push back, you want to keep your back straight. Do not hunch or bend. You also don’t want your elbows to lock. They should maintain a small bend as you pull the bands up toward your shoulders, going for about ten reps.

Bicep Curl

If you think you will only be engaging your arms here, you would be wrong. You will be putting your whole self into it while working out those arms. While the biceps are the primary muscle being worked out, you will also be incorporating feet, abs, and knees. You will probably feel it in your legs too.

You will pull the resistance band up in the direction of your shoulders (like a bicep curl if you were holding dumbbells) and release with both feet shoulder’s width apart on the band on the ground and hands firmly gripping the handles. Do this for about forty-five seconds or ten reps.

Standing Lateral Band Walk

Standing Lateral Band Walk
Image Source: Pexels

This exercise with the resistance bands ups your walking game and set count all while staying in, essentially, one spot. In a slightly squatted position (about a quarter of the way), you will take about five big continuous steps left and then right with the resistance band looped around your legs just above your knees.

Be sure to alternate directions. If you cannot take five big steps one way, then take as many as your space allows. Even two or three steps one way and back again for forty-five seconds will work.

Glute Bridge

Let’s get physical! It’s time to hit the yoga mat with the banded glut bridge exercise. Lying on your back with hands at the sides, band around your thighs just before your knees, knees bent, and feet firmly planted on the floor, you will push your hips off the floor. 

While you puh up, you will want to keep your abs and glutes tight and hold the position once off the floor for a few seconds. Holding tension is key to make sure your knees do not collapse. Go through the movements slowly repeating about ten times for the exercise.

Glute Kickback

Giving it a donkey’s kick, but not quite. This glute-focused band exercise also hits your arms and abs. It is also great for strengthening knee mobility. On your hands and knees, you will hold each handle of your resistance band in your hands on the floor. Loop the resistance band around the back of your foot (you can do right or left). 

Lift and extend out straight behind you (kind of like you’re kicking backward), pushing the resistance band out. For this resistance band exercise, you can continue for forty-five seconds or ten repetitions.


Let’s get those gears in a go for takeoff. Well, not exactly. This exercise you can do in forty-five seconds or ten repetitions is likened to a slow-motion jump as the movements are quite similar.

Setting your resistance bands under your feet, standing shoulder’s width apart, and holding the handles above your shoulders, you will squat and push straight up extending your arms over your head. As you squat and push up, maintain a tight core and squeeze your butt. 


Time for some nice stretching. With the pull-apart, it sounds as the name says: you will be pulling the band apart in front of you to make a “T” shape with your body. Your arms should be straight across to reach the “T” and parallel with the floor. 

If your resistance band is short enough, you can pull it apart from the handles. If it is too long, you can simply hold on to the band and let the handles dangle while you perform the exercise. Give it a good ten repetitions or forty seconds. From the pull-apart, you can also expand on this exercise by pulling the resistance bands apart over your head (It is kind of like making an extra capital-capital T).

Image Source: Pexels

Adding resistance bands to your fitness routine has numerous benefits. You can achieve your fitness goals, strengthening your body, bettering your health, and maintaining your desired shape. It is easy to start by just picking out a set of resistance bands at different resistance levels. Get going with a number of exercises you can do for a whole-body workout.

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