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What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

by Abdus Subhan
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Are you planning to hire a digital marketing agency but don’t know where to start? In this post, we’ll help you find the best digital agency that matches your business goals.

Overall, you’d want the best agency to ensure that your investment will have an excellent ROI. This is why it’s crucial that you look for a reliable and experienced company that will help grow your business.

Below, we outlined a few things you should check when choosing a marketing agency for your business. Read on to start weighing your options:

Criteria When Looking For a Digital Marketing Agency

1.   Excellent Portfolio

When assessing an online marketing agency, the first thing you should look for is its portfolio. You should inquire about their previous projects and the results they have for each one. This way, you can gauge whether they can provide the results you need.

Aside from that, check their portfolio per service like SEO, PPC, email marketing, and so on. This will help you assess how good they are for every service they offer.

2.   Wide Range of Services

An internet marketing agency with a comprehensive list of services is often a good choice if you have a fast-growing business. This will let you upscale your marketing efforts without having to look for another agency.

For example, you can start availing of their SEO services and then eventually add paid advertising. If you wish to explore other marketing techniques, you can also add email marketing, social media marketing, or web development services.

However, it’s not enough that your choice of digital marketing agency offers a long list of services. They should also have a solid track record for it.

For example, if they are an SEO agency and a PPC agency at the same time, they should be equally skilled in both strategies. The same goes if you’re also looking for a social media agency, content marketing agency, and so on.

3.   Good Client Reviews

For us, the true measure of a good marketing agency is what their clients say about their service. This is why you should always research your prospective agency and read reviews from their actual clients.

Aside from that, you can also ask the agency for testimonials from actual businesses they have worked on before. If this is not possible, you can always research online on websites like Clutch, Google My Business, Yelp, and more.

Still, it’s important that you remain reasonable when assessing client reviews. As a business owner, you surely know that you can’t please every client. In that case, a single bad review shouldn’t defeat the hundred good ones.

4.   Excellent Pricing and ROI

Whether you’re looking for a web design agency, email marketing agency, or whatnot, it’s always important that you ask for their pricing. This way, you can see if the company’s packages suit your budget.

Overall, pricing shouldn’t be your main criterion when choosing an agency to hire. Still, it’s an important consideration, especially if you’re running a small business and hiring on a tight budget

Aside from the cost, you should also consider the return on investment (ROI) that you can get from the agency. You can ask the prospective agency to send you an example computation of the estimated ROI that you can expect. Also, you can refer to their previous projects and see the actual returns they secured.

Overall, an agency that’s not scared to show you its pricing and projected ROI is a good sign of its reliability. Just remember that high ROI also demands higher fees.

5.   Good Communication and Reporting

Communication is one of the secrets to the success of your marketing campaigns. This is why you should always partner with an agency with excellent communication skills. Aside from having a collaborative nature, it will also ensure that your concerns will be addressed right away.

Also, you should look for an agency that provides regular reporting. This can be on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

To assess this, you should ask for a consultation with your chosen agency. From there, observe how responsive they are and how willing they are to answer your questions. If the company forces you to sign up right away or tries to dodge questions, it’s best that you look for another option.  

6.   Personalized Approach

When it comes to marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why you should only partner with an agency that will provide a custom plan for your business.

Aside from that, a personalized approach means that the agency is serious about delivering the best results for your business. Their specialists should be willing to know your business and work with you in developing a sustainable marketing plan.

7.   Adaptable Nature

For sure, you’re hiring a marketing agency to grow your business. This is why your choice of company should be willing to adapt to your changing needs.

For example, the marketing agency should have the resources to keep up once you need a more aggressive marketing approach. Or your chosen agency should be flexible enough to let you downsize the service as you wish.


Whether you need a website development agency or a full-service company, it’s always important that you check their qualifications. This way, you’ll get the best returns on your investment.

To do this, you should check the agency’s portfolio, list of services, pricing, client reviews, and more. And if you want to know more about digital marketing, don’t hesitate to contact Top Position for help. We can walk you through everything you need to know – no strings attached. 

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