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Are Data Science Online Certifications Worth the Effort?

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Data Science Online Certifications Worth

Every day huge amounts of data are generated worldwide. Businesses continue to invest in capturing data science talents who can gather and utilize the data in the best way possible. These talented individuals are known as data scientists. Many want to become data scientists but can’t because they lack the necessary skills.

But, they can now gain these skills through data science programs online. However, many learners have doubts about a data science certification online

Can online data science certifications help you? Is a data science course fee online justified?

We look into these questions in detail and answer why you must pursue these certifications online.

What is a certification in data science?

A data science certification provides proof of the education and training the learner has gained. Data science certifications are a great add-on to your resume as they enhance the overall appeal of your portfolio. You can gain these credentials after completing some online courses.

Impact of data science certifications

A data science certification online helps display your skills to a recruiter. Whenever you may appear for an interview, it is helpful to display your skills as genuine. A certification helps show how relevant you are as a data scientist. People with certificates show confidence in their abilities and carry more weight in an interview. 

It also shows that the candidate is constantly improving and gaining new abilities. The data science domain is changing with new technologies. So, staying updated with a data science certification online is important. 

Is a data science certification worth it?

You must consider the following things to decide if a data science certification online is right for you.

  • Decide your career path.

Some jobs need training to become certified experts. A certification course will provide the proper training if your job requires the necessary practical skills. It shows that you have been given proper effort in improving your talent to become a qualified candidate. 

  • Find out relevant certificates.

Not all certifications prove to be a reliable solution. You should consider getting certified through accredited training to find the best one. IBM, Google, Microsoft, etc., offer online certification through various training programs. You can enroll yourself in them to gain relevant certifications.

  • Consider your time and money.

Some courses may provide certificates in 4–5 months, while some may take up to 2 years. A data science course fees online does not cost much. You must decide the amount of time and cash you are willing to invest in such courses. You may go for courses where you can gain certificates within 1 year. Furthermore, you should upskill yourself and consider seeking employment soon.

  • Decide your goals.

You must keep an eye on your objectives. It is helpful if you determine the certificate that will suit you. If you are a fresher, consider a globally recognized certificate. However, if you are working in data science and want to improve your skills, then the industry-specific certification will be better.

Benefits of a data science certification

Being certified in fields such as marketing, IT, etc., helps a lot. These benefits include:

  • Better pay

Recruiters look for skilled individuals to join their organization. Once they recognize your skills through certification, they will be more likely to hire you. However, you must display your skills in technical interviews and recruiters. You can ask for higher pay after you are sure the interviewer is impressed with your talent. 

  • Career growth

You can grow yourself as an expert through data science course fees online through relevant certificates. Consider getting properly trained to develop advanced skills. You can also educate yourself on newer technologies. Use these in your favor to get better job opportunities. By showing your remarkable skills, you can grow your career with a data science certificate.

  • Advantage over others

Most candidates appearing for data science don’t take certifications in their portfolio. This may benefit you as you can set yourself apart with an additional credential in an interview. Employers find it difficult to select from the many candidates. You can help them by edging out your competition.

Which data science certifications are best?

  1. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM offers flexible online programs where learners can attain relevant certifications. It provides entry-level courses for individuals. They focus on defining skill sets using programming languages, libraries, and tools often used by expert data scientists. Learners get the relevant practical knowledge. 

Data visualization, data analytics, big data, and machine learning are all important topics in their programs. IBM offers hands-on experience in their labs that learners can access. They gain job-ready skills to add to their portfolio. They also work on a number of data science projects to develop key skills.

  1. Microsoft Azure Data Science Certification

Experts who work with data science and ML through Microsoft’s Azure platform can access their certification to gain knowledge. They offer data science projects related to ML flow and Azure Machine Learning. Microsoft offers many courses to prepare you for certification.

The paths contain learning modules of varying lengths. Some examples are:

  • Automating ML model selection
  • Manipulating data in Azure Machine Learning
  • Exploring the Azure Machine Learning Workspace
  1. Google Data Engineer Certification

Google offers a program for learners to study security, compliance, data monitoring, and designing. You need to complete an exam given by Google to earn this certificate. Candidates with at least three years of field expertise should give the exam. 

They offer many online training programs and live classes for preparation. The exam measures your ability to:

  • Create and operate data processing systems.
  • Ensure solution quality
  • Apply ML models
  • Design of data processing systems


Data science employers and hiring managers want real-world data science experience from learners. Proper training in data science projects is the best way to prepare for a job. You may find various online courses for your assistance.

Choose the Advanced Data Science and AI Program to help your career progression. You will learn through trained experts and get live training on facilities. You will also gain the relevant IBM and Microsoft certifications to add to your portfolio, enhancing your chance for a better career outlook.

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