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Unique And Stunning Ideas To Decorate Your Holiday Gift Packaging

by Abdus Subhan
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The packaging of a gift plays a vital role because it will leave a first impression on the gift recipient. Attractive packaging is imperative to bring that big smile to the face of the gift recipient, even before opening the gift. 

The best way to do it is by accessorizing your gift packaging. When it comes to accessorizing your gift, there are endless options. You just need to choose the best option to personalize your gift in your way. 

Ranging from bows, and tissues, to ribbons, and various other decorating supplies, there are endless options available in the market. Make your gift packs look outstanding this holiday season by implementing the below-mentioned ideas:

Custom Washi Tape

Washi tapes are made up of rice paper and they allow customization. The washi tapes are available in different designs, widths, and textures. Moreover, you can place an order for customizing the washi tapes the way you want them. These tapes are introduced for decorating boxes, rooms, phones, and various other devices. It means that you can freely use them for gift decoration.

Washi tapes do not just help in improving the visual appeal of gifts, but they also help to stick the gift wrapper on the gift box. In simple terms, washi tapes are functional and stylish as well. If you want to add a personal touch to your gift packaging, then custom washi tape is the best choice.  

Decorate With Ribbons and Bows

One of the easiest ways to decorate your gift packaging is by using a ribbon. Using ribbons on gift packs can make them look beautiful. Choosing ribbon as an accessory for decorating gifts is a beautiful and cost-efficient idea. 

Ranging from different widths, and colors to different styles, there are endless options available in ribbons for decorating gifts. Moreover, you can creatively use ribbons to create bows or curl them into ringlets. Do brainstorm and find other ways to use ribbons as decorating accessories.

Nowadays, twine, striped, and natural color ribbons are gaining popularity as gift decoration accessories. I would like to suggest you choose a combination of red and white or golden and black ribbons for decorating your gifts. 

These color combinations of ribbons can make anyone awestruck. In addition to this, you can also use natural brown twine ribbon for gift decoration.

Using Bows For Gift Décor 

After ribbons, there is another accessory available in the market – Bows. Attaching beautiful bows to the gift box or package can help in uplifting the visual appeal of your gift box. Using bows does not that you have to choose boring or generic ones. 

When it comes to bows for decorating gifts, there are endless options available in the market. If you love to DIY, then you can make your beautiful bows as per your preferences. People who are not good at DIY should consider buying ready-made bows.

Custom Wrapping Paper

Ordinary plain paper may look boring, but you can attractively use it for gift wrapping. Plain paper is like a blank canvas that opens the door for plenty of opportunities to customize your gift wrapping. 

You can write a personalized message on the plain gift wrapper with paint, colored pens, and glitter. Also, you can use stamps and stickers to further uplift the visual appeal of your gift. 

When you want to give a personal touch to your gift and make someone feel special, then using plain paper and decorating it uniquely is the best option.

Botanical Accents

Make your gifts look elegant on a small budget by using real greenery or fake flowers in your gift packages. For instance, if you are packing gifts for the holiday season, then using small pine branches, berries, and poinsettias form the perfect decorating accessories for your gifts. 

On the other hand, if you want to express your love to someone, then attach a red flower to the gift packaging. Well, there are plenty of other ideas to use flowers on your gift packaging and you can find some of the ideas on Pinterest.

Custom Kiss Cut Stickers 

Another unique idea to decorate your gift box packaging is using custom kiss-cut stickers. The kiss-cut stickers are pasted on the vinyl layer and all you have to do is cut them through the vinyl layer and paste them wherever you want. 

The kiss-cut stickers can be customized and given different shapes and designs. Moreover, you can place an order for custom kiss cut stickers. Customization will level up the décor of your gift wraps.

Wrap Up 

Packaging gifts is beyond showing your creativity, it is linked to emotions. When it comes to making your gift pack look outstanding, you can implement the above-mentioned ideas. I am confident that these simple ideas are capable of leaving a good first impression on the gift recipient.

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