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What makes a PCB expensive?

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PCB expensive


Modern electronics rely heavily on printed circuit boards (PCBs), which form the basis of all of our products. However, there are expenses associated with the production of PCBs. The cost of making these crucial components is influenced by several different factors. In this useful tutorial, we’ll delve into the nuances of Low Volume Pcb Assembly manufacturing costs, illuminating the crucial factors that might drive up a PCB’s price. Understanding these elements will enable you to make well-informed judgments that strike an appropriate balance between quality and price, whether you’re an enthusiast for electronics, a designer, or a company looking to minimize expenses.

The Difficulty of PCB Design

Your PCB design’s complexity is a key factor in deciding how much it will cost. Higher manufacturing costs can be caused by complex designs with extensive routing, high-speed signal needs, and numerous layers. This is because they require more exacting fabrication and assembly procedures to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Material Type and Quality:

Costs in PCB fabrication can be considerably impacted by the choice of materials. High-performance laminates and customized substrates are examples of premium materials that may come with a higher price tag. These materials are frequently used to satisfy particular performance specifications, including impedance management or thermal conductivity.

Number of layers and stack up:

The number of copper layers sandwiched between insulating substrates is referred to as a PCB’s layer count. PCBs with additional layers often cost more because fabrication and assembly are more difficult and time-consuming. Costs are affected by the stackup, which determines how these layers are arranged, especially when cutting-edge technology like blind and buried vias are used.

component placement and density:

A PCB’s component placement can affect how much it costs to manufacture. Dense layouts with closely spaced components frequently call for more exact assembly techniques, which might increase labor costs. Compact designs can also present problems with temperature control and signal integrity, calling for specific methods.

Techniques for Specialized Manufacturing:

Some PCB manufacturing methods, like regulated impedance, high-frequency RF designs, and microvia drilling, need expensive specialist machinery and procedures. These methods add to the overall cost but are necessary for applications that require accurate signal transmission and excellent reliability.

Phases of prototyping and testing:

The cost-affecting stages of PCB production include prototyping and testing. Iterative prototyping to improve designs, spot problems, and guarantee functionality can result in extra costs. Although they can increase the overall cost, rigorous testing processes, such as electrical testing and quality control inspections, are necessary for producing trustworthy PCBs.

The PCB Assembly’s Function:

Costs are greatly impacted by the assembly phase, where components are attached to the PCB. Fine-pitch components or surface-mount technology (SMT) need complex assembly requirements, which raises the cost overall by requiring specialized tools and manpower.

Working together with Manufacturers Partners:

Costs can be reduced by collaborating closely with knowledgeable PCB manufacturing partners. These partners provide knowledge on material choice, design optimization, and effective manufacturing processes. Their knowledge can assist you in finding the right balance between low-cost and high-quality output.


Anyone involved in the design or production of electronics must comprehend the aspects that contribute to PCB cost. Every choice, from material selection to intricate design details, affects the overall cost. Understanding these components and working with dependable manufacturing partners can help you traverse the PCB production difficulties and make decisions that are in line with your budget and performance needs. The knowledge you gain from this guide will enable you to produce electronics that are not only reliable and functional but also profitable in a cutthroat market as technology develops.

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