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Top advantages of migrating from Hosted Exchange to Office 365

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Hosted Exchange to Office 365

Microsoft Exchange is the most famous mail server and calendar application in use nowadays. It can run on any computer running the Windows Server operating system. This means you don’t need to run any special hardware or software.

The tech giant “Microsoft” officially launched its cloud-based email platform (Office 365) in June 2011. Since then, many small businesses and large enterprises using on-premises email servers like Exchange have switched to cloud-based suites. Improved security and flexibility are the main reasons users prefer Migrate Exchange 2013 to Exchange online. Microsoft’s cloud-based Exchange Online service provides a hosted email solution with business-class features. Users can access email, shared calendars, and contacts on the go.

There are many reasons why organizations are thinking of hosting their Exchange services on-premises. One of the most important things is that you have full control over all your hardware and data, and full access to troubleshooting if needed. However, this also means higher maintenance costs and 100% uptime (not always possible)

Here are the top reasons businesses are moving from Exchange on-premises to the Office 365 cloud platform.


Office 365 is very inexpensive compared to hosted Exchange servers, which can be a primary reason to move from an on-premises Exchange environment to an Exchange Online environment.

Working Flexibility:

Another reason to move from Exchange to Office 365 is that users can access their business and personal data anytime, anywhere.

Always up to date:

The best part about moving to Microsoft 365 is not having to worry about technology updates. Microsoft keeps the platform up to date

100% safe and secure:

Data security is a top focus for all businesses worldwide. Microsoft has always focused on privacy and security.

Don’t think about servers and maintenance:

Exchange servers hosted with Office 365 everything is done by Microsoft itself, so you don’t have to worry about servers and maintenance.

Grow your business with our latest apps:

Microsoft offers a wide range of products to help your business grow.

Simplified migration:

Microsoft offers an easy way to migrate from on-premises Gsuite and Exchange to Office 365.

Free technical support:

Technical support is included with your Microsoft 365 subscription plan, so you don’t have to pay for technical support anymore.

Subscription plans that fit your needs:

Extremely flexible pricing to purchase family, individual, or business plans to access Office apps on your device.

Real-time collaboration:

They want to create ideas and meetings, organize files, participate and collaborate with others. Everyone can work in Microsoft Teams, even if they’re working remotely or in a different time zone. Also, a good hosting provider can help you with Cloud Hosted Desktop so that you can access your data from anywhere and at any time.

Conclusion: Most of the hosting providers offer cloud solutions and migration services. However, unless you’re a professional, it can be difficult to manage the entire process yourself. Apps4Rent provides uptime by hosting Office 365 on their servers and provides 24/7 active support for the service. They also offer a variety of hosting services such as Best QuickBooks Hosting which is very beneficial for accountants.

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