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Itemfix, the Most WTF Website – and 5 Most Shocking Videos to Stun Your Mind

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Last modified on June 17th, 2023 at 8:55 pm


Things destroying, silly car accidents, and viral bomb blasts, it’s all there. Do you think you can watch the video and not say WTF and watch your jaw drop? Think again!

Have you ever wanted to go on the dark web and see how silly and disturbing stuff is going on in the world? Mostly, If you’ve been to such sites, you’ll notice that all that disturbing stuff cannot be found somewhere else. It is either due to censorship or other rules and regulations of the countries.

What about those who don’t want to risk their privacy by going to such insecure sites? Well, we’ve got a solution! And this solution can be accessed without having to use any Tor services or even a VPN.

The website we’re talking about is Itemfix. Itemfix is one of those websites where you will find some of the most shocking videos on the internet. You can say that it is YouTube but for disturbing and shocking stuff.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the content posted on Itemfix, and how this website beats a lot of dark web websites in many ways.

Itemfix – A Fix For Everyday Users That Want to See Shocking Videos

Itemfix is hands down one of the most up-to-date and user-friendly websites when it comes to watching shocking videos on the internet. Some would say that the content is too explicit, and they might be right, while others would argue that this is what they want to see.

The reason why Itemfix is loved by so many internet folks is that it shows the other side of the words, a side we’re not used to seeing. For example, there was this one video uploaded on this website that showed a dangerous shockwave, something you might never experience in real life, and we hope no one ever does.

This is just one video, there are hundreds of videos like this posted on Itemfix on daily basis. Now, we wouldn’t say that the content is on-par with the speed and optimization of YouTube, but it is enough to feed your curious brain. And btw, If you wanna know more about the alternatives to Itemfix or websites like bestgore, check out this article,

5 Shocking Videos on Itemfix to Blow Your Mind Away

Just like we promised, we’ll now show you five of the most shocking and WTF videos from Itemfix which will give you an idea of what kind of disturbing videos are posted on this website.

1. Explosion at a Gas Storage Facility in Morrocco

See how everyone is screaming in the background, seeing this awful sight in front of them. Even though the video recorder standing way far away from the building, you can still see how loud and big the explosions are.

The video is full of fire and explosions, and it is one of the most disturbing videos ever. At the time of this writing, the video is about to reach 100,000 views only on Itemfix.

2. Dashcam Roll-Over Crash (Deputy Hospitalized)

A car crash happened at a busy intersection in Merritt Island, Florida. A police officer and another driver did not obey the traffic rules and caused the crash. The police officer was on an emergency call and had her sirens on. The other driver said he had the green light and did not see the police officer’s flashing lights. 

Both drivers were not badly hurt but the deputy went to the hospital. The police car was damaged and the other driver is hiring a lawyer to get money for his car damage.

3. Giant Screen Falls on a Boy Band

There was a concert going on in Hong Kong and everyone was having the time of their lives until one giant screen installed at the top of the stage decided to ruin their night. You can see in this Itemfix video that the screen fell off directly to one of the performances; other performers and band members were also hurt. 

At the time of this writing, the video has gone viral and has been watched over 120,000 times, making it one of the most disturbing videos on the website.

4. Aftermaths of a Kyiv Attack

The Russia-Ukraine war (or invasion) has affected many not only in Ukraine but all over the world. The video above shows the horrors and aftermaths of the missile attack from Russia. We hope that the situation gets back to normal and we start living in peace again. 

The video has got over 25,000 videos and is posted under the category, “viral.”

5. Nice Legs

Yes, yes, we did say that the website was all about disturbing stuff but how about we ease your mind before you go? Out of all the disturbing things and problems going on today, let’s have a little giggle before you sign out from us. Please enjoy those legs.

Final Words

In conclusion, Itemfix is a website that offers a collection of shocking and disturbing videos that are not easily accessible on other platforms. The website is user-friendly and allows users to view disturbing content without the need to use a VPN or Tor service. 

While some may find the content too explicit, others argue that it offers a unique perspective on the world. The website is updated daily with new content, including videos of dangerous shockwaves, car crashes, and bombings. 

The five videos highlighted in this article demonstrate the range and disturbing nature of the content available on Itemfix. Overall, it is a website that should be approached with caution as the content can be graphic and disturbing.

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