Do you know Why the short moral story is important for students? short stories are the most essential part for small kids and students. because moral stories have much more unique thinks that can be most important for all students and for kids, read our moral story and improve your moral value, Here are a best Short Stories In English For Students please read full story before you click hit back if you like that story please give us a comment

Short Stories In English For Students with morals


short stories in english for students
innocent king

Several years ago, there was a kingdom ruled over by a very innocent king. He used to speak out everything and anything that came to his mind. He would give away anything someone asked him if he was in a good mood. This resulted in several types of complications and controversies.

And the king’s court there was a jester, who always tried his best to make the king realize his mistake. However, all his efforts bore no fruit.

Soon he started to run out of ideas to help him. It was at this time that he met a very intelligent boy. They became good friends very soon.

On hearing the jester’s problem, the boy said,
“Sir! I have an idea. If you can follow my instructions to the last detail, then I am pretty sure the king will realize how foolish he has been.”
On receiving confirmation from the jester, the boy told him his plan.

That year had been a deficit of rice their kingdom, However, the king was using rice in a reckless manner. Now this plan seemed to be perfect in view of the current dilemma. That day he did his bit to uplift the court’s Spirits.
Suddenly the king said,

Best Short Stories In English For Students with moral

“Today I am
very impressed with you, my friend!
will give you anything you ask for.
What do you want? Just name it.”

The jester wasted no time and

“My Lord! What deficit can I have in my life when I have a king like you? However, if you allow me, I have something to tell you.”

Top Short Stories In English For Students With Morals

After getting the king’s nod, the jester said, “My Lord, for a
long time I have wanted to organize a feast for the less privileged. I have
arranged for everything, except for the rice. I would be privileged if you

“My Lord! I don’t want the rice all at once. I want only one handful of grain today, the double tomorrow and the double of that the
gave me the rice. day after and so on. I want to get rice At this, the king Durst into this fashion for thirty days.”

The laughter and said, “Of all things in the king agreed to this weird request of world, you ask for this trifle! Just tell the man, without giving it much
me how much rice you need.” thought.

Several days passed by. On the thirtieth day the king met the jester, who was going to the royal granary with a huge cart. The king was surprised. He asked him,

Short Stories in English for kids

“Where are you going with this huge

The jester replied,

“My king,
am going to the royal granary I pick up the rice you promised to give me. Today is the thirtieth and the last day. I cannot carry the huge amount of rice and hence have brought this cart to help me.”

The king looked at him in disbelief and asked him to explain himself.

A smile spread on the jester’s face. He knew the plan was working. He explained the calculations to the king. On the first day, he had taken just one handful of rice, on the second it was two, four on the third, and so on. By the time it was the thirtieth day, the total was more than one billion handfuls of rice grains.

The king’s face went ashen when he heard this. He realized how
he had agreed to something without giving it any thought. From that day
he started paying more attention to everything and started making better


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