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The Best Grocery Shopping Sites in 2021

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Last modified on July 28th, 2021 at 12:38 pm

During quarantine and lockdown, most of us have discovered a passion or love for cooking. Even if you aren’t good at it, it is quite enjoyable if you have a good recipe and some good music. However, sometimes you keep looking for some ingredients at your local mart but there’s always that one ingredient that you can’t find. Below we organized a list of some of the best grocery stores that you can easily buy online food products from. 


Most of the things Boxed usually delivers are shelf-appropriate. However, you can get a Boxed Shopper through the Express Grocery channel that will buy fresh produce on your behalf. Though it has no membership fee, you can pay to join Boxed Up, which helps lower your delivery price or even gets you free shipping. The best thing about this is that you can get most of the exclusive Costco stuff on here as well. Its customer ratings also show a general satisfaction among all the people who have used its services. 

Retail Stash

Retail Stash is a new up-and-coming wholesaler. You can get a bunch of good stuff like pure honey, chocolate boxes, different kinds of coffees, groceries, frozen food, etc. If you are looking to make a dessert you might find most of what you need at this site. You can get chocolate syrups, cocoa powder, protein, and nut bars as well. Additionally, you can even buy pet food from it. Most of all, it has free shipping on all orders and has a 30-day easy return policy as well. Additionally, they have a hassle-free buying method too. 


This online grocery store has such a pretty website that provides you a comfortable and convenient experience in online shopping. This is more than just a grocery store though. Besides the usual grocery options, you also have Waitrose Pet, Garden, Florist, and even a Cellar. 

Additionally, if you have some special event planned, you can even order custom-made food as well. All these options, make it slightly expensive but sometimes you need to look at the quality before criticizing the price, 


Tesco has an incredible range of groceries available. That is why it is number 3 among all grocery delivery sites. The money you spend depends on how much you buy and the time frame you want your groceries to be delivered in. Additionally, if you have a Tesco Clubcard you can get your hands on a lot of cheap deals that can save you a lot of money. You can use the rewards on your Clubcard at partner restaurants and eateries. You can also choose the Delivery Saver service that lets you have unlimited free deliveries as long as you spend £40 every month. 


Sainsbury’s is the second biggest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. This is why their delivery and selection methods and options are super convenient. Their prices are affordable and you can get your order delivered the same day. One of the best things about Sainsbury’s is their green slots. In their own words;

“Helping us to reduce the carbon footprint of your delivery is really easy: when we’re already delivering to someone in your area, you may find an eco time slot – marked with a green van – on your booking page. Simply select a 1-hour slot to book.“


These online stores have a great selection of options and they regularly take part in sales on online grocery. Additionally, you can use coupons or buy cheaply through their deals. Now, you can cook whatever you want, however you want!

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