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Post-Storm Disaster Cleaning At Home  

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Natural calamities often disrupt the normal life balance very badly. Houses are damaged, roads destroyed and availability of facilities is altered. If you live in an area where hurricanes and storms are frequent, you need to be mentally and financially prepared to mitigate the aftermath of a storm. Truly so, it is an expensive deal and many insurance companies find ways to avoid paying their clients, especially for the damage caused by natural disasters. Consulting an insurance adjuster can help you get the rightful insurance claim. 

When you have financial backing, here are some things that you should do immediately after the storm settles to avoid prolonged disturbance in your life. Sue Kelly NZ over 29 years practical experience specialising in water, we have the expertise you seek for solutions for any water concerns.

  1. Get Your Electric Cables Fixed

Whenever a storm hits the community, electric cables are bound to be damaged. If your town is using old electric wires that pass above the ground, then they might have been damaged because of the heavy rain and wind pressure. Your in-house electric cables might have also been damaged.

You can not stay too long without electricity, especially if your heating system runs on it. Immediately call reliable and certified electrical services to fix your electricity. Make sure the repairman you call takes a good look at your house and fixes everything needed. 

  1. Assess The Damages To The House

Storms damage the building very badly. Your house might have faced severe damage as well. Roofs, shingles, pipes, and windows often get damaged because of the heavy rainfall, high-pressure winds and fallen trees. If a tree has fallen on your roof, call the experts to look before you enter the house. It can be extremely dangerous. 

You should assess all the damage caused to your house. Do not forget to take pictures if you want to make an insurance claim. 

  1. Reassess Ventilation

The ventilation system often gets damaged after a storm. Make sure that you clean up the vents from the debris. Your vents should be clean and open. The air in your house should be ventilating properly. This is particularly important because many people die because of the carbon monoxide present in the house post-storm. 

When you switch on a gas heater or appliances that operate on gas in an area that is poorly ventilated, the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide accumulation can be extremely hazardous. 

  1. Prevent Mold Growth

Your house must have been water damaged after a storm. You might have removed the water from your garage, rooms and other places. However, proper dehydration of the house is essential. If the moisture is prolonged in the walls, molds might start to grow. 

Molds are extremely dangerous for people living in the house. You should take all the essential steps required to prevent growth of molds in the house. 

Final Thought

Storms and other natural disasters can damage our houses and disrupt our life. Once the storm settles down, you should immediately assess the damage caused by the storm and take pictures for insurance. Pay attention to your electricity supply, mold growth, and ventilation of the house. 

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