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Maximize Your Online Presence with Expert Ecommerce Website Design

by Arman Ali
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Last modified on November 24th, 2023 at 7:23 pm

Ecommerce Website Design

In the covid-19 year, the world eye-witnessed a massive shift from physical storefronts to online ecommerce stores, making ecommerce websites an integral part of any business. Whether you own a well-established physical store or are still a beginner, having a competitive and feature-rich ecommerce site is a great option. 

Building an ecommerce web design requires detailed attention to aesthetics, the brand’s theme, color, design, accessibility, and navigation, leaving a long-lasting impression on customers. While you build a website, there are certain best practices that you should follow. This article is a complete guide about 7 best practices for ecommerce website design. 

Without any delay, let’s explore!

7 Best Practices For Ecommerce Website Design 

Here are 7 best practices for ecommerce website design: 

1. Design For Excellent User Experience 

Designing your ecommerce website while keeping a customer-centric approach is a great way to deliver an excellent user experience. Your eCommerce website development must deliver a unique but simplified process to your customers that bridges the gap between your products and buyers. Try adding fun, vibrant pictures, catchy descriptions, and a simple layout; above all, prioritize the customer experience. 

2. Match The Brand’s Image  

Your ecommerce website reflects your brand; thus, you cannot go wrong with it. Another best practice to follow while designing your ecommerce website design Australia is matching the brand’s image. Every brand has a different color scheme and represents a unique culture. A successful website clearly communicates your brand’s story through messaging, color palette, and your company’s culture. Make sure you are 100% consistent with your website design. 

3. Stay Updated With The Changing Trends  

You cannot follow the same pattern followed 20 years ago, especially if you’re aiming for success. Staying updated with the latest trends and evolving with advancements is the most critical step to building a competitive website. Emerging trends such as dynamic pages, interactive layouts, and data-driven product recommendations should be included in your website. For this, you can hire Magento Theme Development Company and let the professionals do this for you.

4. Optimize For Mobile Phone  

When shopping online, customers keep on shifting from one device to another. Thus, having a mobile responsive website becomes necessary to cultivate an excellent user experience, allowing potential shoppers to visit your website repeatedly. If your ecommerce web design is not mobile responsive, it may turn off your customers, resulting in a failed shopping experience. Before launching your website, take a test on your mobile to ensure everything is on track! 

5. Add Customer Feedback And Reviews 

Adding positive and trustworthy user-generated reviews and feedback acts as social proof that your product is worth buying. While shopping, your potential customer loves to read reviews and trust other customers who have already shopped for the product. When a customer reads a positive review about a product that they are interested in, they are more inclined and likely to make a purchase. 

6. Easy Checkout Process  

Once your customer has added their favorites to the cart, it’s time for the final checkout process, which needs to be simple and straightforward for a hassle-free shopping experience. You do not want your customers to feel struck at the checkout page, which creates friction and hampers the overall experience. Make sure you add different payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, COD, and more to your customers. This reduces the decision-making time, promotes sales, and increases conversions. 

7. Excellent Quality Pictures And Descriptions  

Every time your potential customer visits your website, the first and foremost thing that they notice is the overall layout and product pictures. If your product pictures are not fun, vibrant, clear, and professionally captured, it affects customer experience, and they are most likely not to make a purchase. Additionally, the product descriptions must be quirky and catchy to grab attention. 

Best Ecommerce Website Design Examples

Here are the best ecommerce website design examples: 

1. Zulu Longines 

Dating back several decades, Zulu Longines is a luxury watchmaker, a tribute to the great aviation pioneers who used the Zulu Longines watches in their campaigns. The website features a highly interactive homepage and cutting-edge features for easy navigation. Some of the best-designed elements in Zulu Longines are scroll-triggered animations, serif fonts, and interactive timeline sliders. If you’re a luxury brand owner, using a serif font is a great idea as it exudes elegance. 

2. Potion  

Known for its fun and vibrant appeal, Potion features a pastel color palette with bright tones that emphasize certain images, videos, and words. This website also uses parallax scrolling and 3D animations for an engaging user experience. Some of the best-designed elements of Potion are 3D looping animations, movable elements, and graphic interchange format or GIF. 

3. Help Scout  

Regarded as an example of the best ecommerce website design, Help Scout is a popular eCommerce site for business-to-business (B2B) companies featuring a simple and straightforward layout that acts as a unique selling point. Some of the best-designed elements are detailed menu items, hover effects, and social proof. 


1. How do you improve your website design? 

Here are some tips to improve your WordPress website design

  • Optimize product imagery 
  • Allowing customers to find products easily 
  • Ensuring every product detail is accurate 
  • Create a straightforward path 
  • Build a dynamic page layout 

2. What are different types of ecommerce platforms? 

Ecommerce or electronic commerce platform is described as selling and accepting online payments. There are three types of ecommerce platforms: open source, SaaS, and headless commerce. 

3. List potential benefits of an ecommerce website 

Some of the standout benefits of ecommerce website design Australia includes: 

  • Round-the-clock sales
  • Reduced inventory cost
  • Additional cost savings
  • Scalability. 

4. What long does it take to build a website? 

Some of the factors which affect the time to build a website are the store size, development team size, selected teaching stack, and overall experience. Generally, small websites or small online stores take around one week. When building a national or international website, it takes around 3 to 6 months.

Wrapping Up!

As a business owner, your ecommerce website is the face of your business; thus, it needs to be on point. You can hire professionals from eCommerce website design services to get a highly interactive website. 

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