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Keep Your Pets Safe During Your BBQ

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Last modified on November 26th, 2023 at 4:24 pm

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Summer is upon us, the weather is beautiful, and people are heading outdoors to enjoy the season while it lasts. Many people choose to host a BBQ in their yard, filled with the best foods, friends, and family. But, while a BBQ can be fun for humans, it can be dangerous for pets if they ingest the wrong food. Be mindful of the food your pet is around, and know what foods are safe for your pet to sneak a quick treat. Below, let’s look at some common foods that are alright for your pup to eat and some that you should steer clear of.

Safe BBQ Foods

Giving your pup some extra love at the family BBQ is perfectly alright. After all, it has been a long year for everyone, and your pet care deserves a treat sometimes too. Knowing what foods are safe for your dog will help you keep your pet safe through dinner. Some safe treats to give your dog include:

  • Hot Dogs – Try cutting the hot dog up into smaller pieces so your dog can better digest this fatty meat.
  • Hamburger – Eating an entire hamburger probably isn’t the best idea, but just a few bites of burger patty is completely alright.
  • Some Fruit – Dogs really love to eat blueberries and watermelon as long as the seeds are removed.
  • Grilled Veggies – Most grilled veggies, like zucchini and sweet potato, are the perfect healthy treat for your pet.

Like any special treat, be sure to give your dog just a tiny sampling as a special reward. Even too much of a good thing can cause your pet digestive distress. Monitor your pet’s intake and know when to limit the amount of “people food” your pet is getting.

Foods to Avoid

Although a family BBQ is fun, there are some potential dangers for your pet. Be sure to avoid certain foods that can make your pet sick or give your pet digestive distress. Some common BBQ foods to avoid include:

  • Grilled Bones – Avoid giving your dog rib bones, chicken wing bones, or steak bones. Once grilled, these bones become brittle and dry, which means they can easily crack and splinter, harming your dog.
  • Toppings – Avoid giving your dog any toppings, including onions and ketchup. While ketchup is not technically poisonous for your dog, it is extremely high in sugar content, which can make your dog sick.
  • Corn on the Cob – A small amount of corn given under supervision is fine for your dog, but avoid giving your dog the entire corn cob. A dog could inadvertently ingest the cob, which could spell real disaster.
  • Chocolate – Depending on the weight and size of your dog, chocolate can be dangerous. Avoid anything that may contain chocolate, including cake, ice cream, and cookies. Keep desserts high and out of reach of potential counter surfers.

Always supervise your pet during a cookout and watch the food your pet has access to. Making sure your pet does not ingest harmful foods is the best way to keep your pet safe. Aside from watching what your pet eats, be mindful of other potentially dangerous situations at the summer BBQ. Always supervise your pet around a hot grill, be aware of your pet near open water like swimming pools, and watch your pet near bonfires. Never light fireworks near a dog. Of course, we understand that accidents can happen, and we are ready to assist in an emergency. Our professional animal hospital is always willing to lend helpful advice or administer treatment. Know that you have an animal hospital you can turn to if an accident happens this summer.

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