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7 Reasons Why White Kitchen Cabinets Are All-time Favorite Choice

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When it comes to kitchen design, things can get tricky for homeowners. Undeniably, things boil back to cabinets taking up a lion’s share of space.

As a neutral color, white has been in vogue for years for good reasons. White is among the few colors currently trending for kitchen design and is preferred by home decor experts worldwide.

It was not before the ‘80s that white kitchen cabinets appeared on the scene for the first time. As homeowners increasingly preferred a lighter and brighter kitchen, white cabinets became popular, especially with farmhouse kitchens. This post explores seven compelling reasons that make white kitchen cabinets an all-time favorite.

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White Is Soothing To Eyes

It’s a no-brainer that white is preferred over other neutral colors due to its calming effect. Kitchens are where families spend a decent amount of time cooking, eating, talking, and even whispering secrets. According to a survey, the average American family spends around 400 hours annually in their kitchens. With kitchen cabinets taking up the most space, white as a color does full justice to the setting.

Multiple studies have shown white promotes inner calm and peace of mind. People living in white spaces reportedly have lower stress levels throughout their lives. Also, white is often a recommended color for people who suffer from occasional anxiety attacks or have trouble falling asleep.

Imagine what white kitchen cabinets can do to your culinary space. White readily imparts freshness and purity and, above all, never allows your mood to dampen. This, in turn, dramatically improves the taste of the food you cook and eat every day.

White Kitchen Cabinets Bespeaks Versatility

Whether you’re planning a contemporary kitchen design or like to keep it traditional, white cabinets seamlessly fit the scene. It allows you to introduce rich hues for other furniture and kitchen accessories. For instance, golden knobs and handles on a white cabinet bring a touch of luxe to make things stand out. Considering homeowners remodel kitchens once or twice in a lifetime, investing in white cabinets is a wise call.

Boosting Curb Appeal

Market studies show kitchen designs play a significant role in boosting curb appeal. If you plan on selling your home in the future, it can be worth every penny.

Reportedly, homes with white cabinets can quote an asking price at least 10-15% higher than others. The reasons aren’t obscure to scan.

  • White cabinets are viewed as a luxury choice.
  • White cabinets appear less outdated.
  • White cabinets fit effortlessly into any kitchen design.
  • White reflects more light, thereby giving the illusion of a large kitchen.

Spacious and Clean Feeling

White kitchen cabinets are all you need if you have a small or moderately-sized culinary space. As a prominent neutral shade, white reflects light more than it absorbs, readily giving the feeling of a larger space. This is a bonus for a kitchen that receives natural light.

Besides, white is a color that we readily associate with cleanliness. Therefore, white cabinets give a feeling of freshness and purity, which adds to the environment of the culinary space.

A Cue For Creativity

White kitchen cabinets are a lot like a blank canvas, which means you are free to deck up things as you like. It is the perfect backdrop for any change you want to introduce to your kitchen. From cool hardware to colorful accessories, white cabinets offer ample room to let your creative juices flow.

However, you’ll need to strike a balance with other hues, as too much white can sometimes be a little bland. The idea is to stick to a single theme and introduce changes gradually to breathe life into a picturesque setting. As white goes with just about any color, there are no restrictions.

Say Goodbye To A Dingy Vibe

Do you feel your kitchen is a little too dark? It’s a common sight in homes that are deprived of natural light. For such spaces, introducing white kitchen cabinets could be a game changer.

After all, it’s one out of a few colors that make things stand out subtly.

Truth be told, a dark and dingy culinary space is never ideal for a kitchen. However, there are circumstances where you can’t help. With white cabinets, you can uplift the aesthetics and add more character to the scene. Ask any homemaker who spends several hours in the kitchen, and you’ll know how a dark kitchen gives out negative vibes. White cabinets will never let you feel that way!

Easy Styling Options

Due to their wide adaptability, white-colored cabinets have a positive reputation. No wonder they are uniquely preferred for modern interior design styles. Their seamless ability to blend with various materials and accessories will amaze you.

The Bottom Line

White kitchen cabinets are a time-tested choice that imparts a luxurious touch and makes a kitchen feel spacious. Whether you are a new homeowner or looking to redesign your culinary space, white cabinets should be your go-to choice for all the right reasons.

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