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8 Common Challenges an International Business Manager Faces

by Talha Seo
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Are you an international business manager?

International business can be quite a challenge when it comes to strategy. Some of the challenges you face could range from diverse cultures to legal struggles.

This is why you must take the time to research different business strategies and what could potentially help you thrive in such an unforeseeable environment.

To learn more about some of the common issues you could face as an international business manager, continue reading below.

1. Managing Globally Distributed Teams

Managing globally distributed teams comes with a unique set of challenges for international business managers. For starters, there is a great deal of complexity surrounding communication: different time zones that need to be managed, language barriers that can impede the flow of information, and a lack of physical contact between teams that can make collaboration difficult.

To successfully manage a globally distributed team, managers need to be sensitive to cultural differences and workplace needs, as well as use the proper tools and technologies to ensure all team members are on the same page.

Additionally, business managers must be able to motivate teams that are located across countries and continents. This require a thorough understanding of each team member’s individual needs and interests.

2. Language Obstacles

The language barrier is arguably the biggest challenge facing international business managers. International communication is a vital part of any business. If the manager isn’t able to convey their message to their fellow employees, operations can grind to a halt.

To make matters worse, different regions of the world often use different languages, and managers may struggle to learn and effectively utilize them. Problem solving, decision making, and other managerial tasks become exponentially more difficult in the face of a language obstacle.

Developing strong fluency in another language requires time and effort. It can be an overwhelming responsibility for many business managers.

3. Currency Exchange and Inflation Rate Issues

Exchange rate fluctuations can affect business operations, cash flow and profits. If an international business expands into a country with devalued currency, their sales and profits may decrease due to the higher exchange rate.

Inflation rate issues can also hurt businesses when the value of a currency drops. This results in higher costs for goods and materials, making it difficult to compete in the global market. Business managers must stay informed of the fluctuations in currency exchange rates and actively manage their financial risks.

This could involve hedging against currency fluctuations, using contracts to limit such risks, and maintaining operational flexibility. They must keep their exchange rate risks low as this can impact profits and business stability.

4. Cultural Variations

The cultural variations among international business managers presents unique challenges throughout the life of any given venture. From the moment of product development, cultural variations can lead to problems understanding customer needs and preferences.

On the international level, cultural differences often introduce language barriers. This can lead to misunderstandings among staff, and often, disagreements. A skilled international business manager must navigate not only language barriers but also cultural sensibilities. This is to comprehend regional points of view, negotiate effectively, and handle conflicts.

In the global economy, no two cultures are the same and a manager must take into consideration the various cultures of each success and failure the venture may encounter-the biggest challenge of all.

5. Nuances of Foreign Policies, Geopolitics, and Cross-Country Relations

International business managers face an array of challenges in the global market due to nuances of foreign policies, geopolitics, and cross-country relations. These challenges can range from legal, political, cultural, and economic issues that must be navigated.

For instance, access to new markets and customers may be hindered by government policies or the rise of geopolitical tensions. Dealing with foreign labor laws and customs regulations can also be difficult to address, as laws vary from country to country.

Additionally, cross-country relations between countries with differing religious, economic, and ideological backgrounds can also present a barrier to international business.

6. Supply Chain Risks

As an International Business Manager, one of the primary challenges faced is supply chain risks. Supply chain risks originate in third party suppliers and can range from regional instability, volatile currency exchange rates, to labor disputes.

The larger the operation and the more expansive its geographic footprint, the greater the risk. Another challenge international business managers face in regards to supply chain risks is the potential for unethical suppliers or supply chain agreements filled with hidden costs.

In some cases, supply chain fees, duties, and surcharges can damage the financial health of an organization. As an international business manager, it is essential to develop a secure and proactive supply chain process to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.

7. Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

International business managers face unique challenges both when it comes to talent acquisition and onboarding. In an increasingly globalized and competitive labor market, these managers must be strategic in their search for top talent and recognize the benefits and difficulties that accompany recruiting internationally.

Onboarding a diverse and international team of employees like those for clinical trial translations brings different expectations and considerations regarding onboarding strategies. International business managers must consider cultural factors when crafting onboarding materials and provide an orientation and timeline that caters to diverse backgrounds and locations.

Finding ways to build connections, foster communications, increase collaboration, and develop trust within a team while adhering to timeframe, budget, and goals can be an immense challenge for international business managers.

8. Compliance Issues

An International Business Manager is likely to face a range of compliance issues when managing an organization on an international scale. These can include a variety of topics, such as the following:

  • anti-trust and competition laws
  • trade restrictions and quotas
  • employment laws
  • privacy and data-protection rules
  • consumer protection
  • tax and accounting regulations
  • health and safety measures

Furthermore, different countries have different understandings of legal compliance and local governments may have particular regulatory issues to take into account. Therefore, a successful International Business Manager should be knowledgeable about legal compliance in the jurisdictions they are dealing with.

They must ensure the businesses practices remain in compliance with all local, regional, and global regulations, which can significantly increase organizational costs and overhead.

Challenges of an International Business Manager

A successful international business manager must possess strong problem-solving and cultural awareness skills in order to maximize the potential of the business, as these are the common challenges they face.

With the right attitude and dedication, these challenges can be addressed and overcome.

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