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How to Make Your Pet Feel Loved

by ravi suri
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People adopt a pet because they want to feel the unconditional love of a furry friend. However, your pet needs to feel loved in return, and although this is usually high on a pet owner’s priority list, it can be difficult to make your pet feel special amid the chaos of daily life. So, here are some of the top tips that you can follow to ensure that you can build a great relationship with your pet and that they know how much you care about them.

Sign Them Up to a Vet’s

Many people only look for a vet’s surgery in their area once their pet has fallen ill. However, it is paramount that you sign up for a vet’s surgery in advance, as this will ensure that your pet can get the urgent care that they need when they need it. Not only this but, in some cases, you might not know when your pet is in pain. By taking them for check-ups with a vet at, though, you can make sure that any issues are found as soon as possible and that your pet can be free of pain quickly.

Reward Them

Many owners are worried about giving their pets too many treats for fear that they will grow to be unhealthy. Although you need to monitor how many treats you give them, it is important to reward your pet with treats, fuss, or even a walk when they are good. Not only is this the best way to show them what behavior you want to see, but it can also ensure that they feel as if they are doing something that pleases you.

Talk to Them

Although you might feel silly when you talk to your pet in public, talking to them is one of the best ways that can make you feel as if you are connected and to strengthen your bond. They might not understand what you are saying, but they will be able to take note of your tone and know that you are paying them the attention that they crave so much. 

Show Them Affection

Like many humans, pets are desperate for affection and will only truly know that they are loved if you show them mountains of affection. This includes petting them, grooming them, and playing with them. However, you should always make sure that this attention is on their terms and that you do not disturb them when they are sleeping. Likewise, do not disturb them if they are not in the mood. You should also be careful of smothering or cornering them, as this can make them feel threatened and grumpy.

Avoid Shouting at Them

Although it can be difficult not to shout at your pet as a knee-jerk reaction when they are naughty or doing something they shouldn’t be, their ears are much more sensitive than ours, and so shouting at them can make them scared and wary of you. Instead, you should spend time training them to act the way that you want them to. If they do still act out, make sure to remain calm and handle the situation in a way that avoids shouting.

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