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How To Choose The Best Packaging For Your Product

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Last modified on April 23rd, 2022 at 6:14 pm

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Creating an excellent product is only part of running a successful business. The way you package your products is also important. It is important to choose something that not only displays your product in a way that matches your branding but also protects it and is environmentally friendly as well. Your first decision will likely be whether you need flexible or rigid packaging.

Rigid vs. Flexible Packaging

The winner of the debate in flexible packaging vs. rigid packaging depends on the type of product you’re selling. Rigid packaging is made to ensure the product doesn’t get forced out of shape. The packaging is also more durable and able to withstand a lot of movement without breaking down. Common examples of rigid packaging include cereal boxes, glass liquor bottles, canned and jarred foods, and laundry detergent bottles.

Just like rigid packaging is literally rigid, flexible packaging is just like it sounds. It bends easily but remains safe enough to keep the product from breaking or spilling. Granola pouches, juice pouches, and bags of chips are common examples. Since flexible packaging is also durable, the question becomes which one best meets your personal needs. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Packaging

There are many things to think about when deciding which type of packaging is best for you. First, consider whether your product will be traveling far. If so, you’ll need packaging that can withstand being jostled around, especially if the items you sell are large or fragile. On the other hand, if your packaging is going to spend its time on a store shelf, you’ll want to focus more on the outward design to draw attention. These types of situations are an excellent time to rely onprinted stand up pouches

The material matters as well. You’ll need to determine the weight and thickness of the packaging in relation to the material, too. Paperboard is a popular option for fold cartons or trays, especially when selling food, over-the-counter medications, or cosmetics.

If you’ll be shipping items, you’ll want corrugated packaging. Both sturdy and flexible, it is an excellent choice if you are shipping fragile or heavy items. It’s commonly used for shipping packages from online retailers, including those who provide shipping packages.

Is your item for food, pet treats, or other items that need to be protected from the elements? Mylar bags custom protects items from the outside environment, provides plenty of customization options to ensure your branding stays on point, and are even certified child-resistant according to federal test requirements.  

Don’t forget to incorporate your branding into your packaging while keeping your customer base in mind. Food products or products aimed at teenagers or children will work best with bright packaging. On the other hand, technical products or other professional items geared toward adults may stick to more sophisticated or modern themes with fewer colors.

Above all else, be sure you choose the right packaging to meet your needs and keep customers satisfied. It’s more affordable to spend money on the right packaging now than it is to have to constantly replace merchandise for unsatisfied customers. Remember, it’s okay if there is some trial and error until you find what you need. 

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