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How to invent a real estate mobile app? Samples, stories, and guide for an entrepreneur

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How do people search for new houses or rent apartments? How do they invest in condominiums? How do they look for roommates? The offline services: agencies, add boards, and brokers became an outdated practice. Technology provokes more and more users to find answers via the internet. And in this light, real estate mobile app development is a golden mine for startup founders: there are so many things that can be polished or performed differently. 

The service that is honed to serve the participants of the real estate market is a real estate mobile app. The industry isn’t homogeneous: the products can connect funds with real estate investors, sellers of houses and flats with potential buyers, owners of renting objects with tenants, etc. 

Let’s get under the skin of the issue, and find out which solutions nowadays are on the top.

Top 5 Real Estate Apps in the USA

Top 5 Real Estate Apps in the USA


The real estate mobile app is honed to help users to start investing in private real estate. People give funds via a crowdfunding service that are accumulated through the app and then become distributed among diverse real estate projects.


The service equips realtors and property managers with the tools for controlling all the assets of property ownership: from collecting rent to making money with the property more effectively. Any resident can resolve his issues fast due to instant connection with the property manager.


Last year the real estate mobile app was visited 21 million times per month. The product was created for approximate evaluation of the apartments or houses. By picking data from various sources: locals’ opinions, objects of infrastructure in the neighborhood, facilities and interior features, and the entire market dynamic, the app calculates and depicts the possible value of a property. 


The most visited real estate mobile app in the United States. The monthly audience of Zillow exceeded 60 million visits. Offering access to over 135 million homes in the United States, the service allows you to start searching for a new home with meticulous filters, find exactly what you want, or share the apartment with a roommate 


The product is in demand among people willing to purchase a house. The service invites customers into a virtual home tour and calculates mortgage, property tax, insurance, and other expenditures. Highly customized searches that contribute to satisfying sellers/ buyers. Though there are some things to be boosted: sorting out by last updates and more data on the home’s surrounding infrastructure. 

The Features to Implement in the Real Estate Mobile App

Depending on the type of app, it can include various functionalities. The most common ideas for property for sale or renting services are listed below. 

Registration form 

Make it simple and easy to get on board with a pair of clicks. If the process of registration is very long, the user can sneak out. A telephone number or email with parole and Terms of use is enough. 

User profile

They contain personal information related to tenants as well as renters. Photo, reputation, and reviews let both sides see if there are counterparts worth collaborating. 

Favorite listings

If the tenant is searching for a place to stay in the future, he can be interested in savings various alternatives for comparison and return to them later in order to book the one that is the most suitable. 

Search bar with filters

To make search more accurate and flexible, add to the real estate mobile app an opportunity to filter variants by location, conditions, facilities,view from the window, price, score, and neighborhood. Thanks to these characteristics, the user can select the

property in accordance with his preferences and values. 

Maps and street view

Different locations impact the price of the houses significantly, and moreover, people can be interested in the certain area for the future accommodation. So, let them see where the object is situated and even to get a virtual overview of the building. Such an approach can keep the users from leaving as they can observe the potential purchase clearly in the real estate mobile app.

Built-in chat 

The facility that equips users with convenient tools for discussing the details of the deal in the app without necessity to share other personal contacts in advance. 

History of deals

The users are interested in  keeping the deals they’ve made, the payments in advance they paid, and the listings they examined.

Feedback gathering

The information published firsthand about the quality of service and the pros and cons of  the property can become a guiding star for the next customers. Rating system is a worthy way to conquer the user’s trust. 

Projecting a product for juggling with the property you can focus on incorporating these features: they are sufficient for MVP. The only condition to make the app stand out from competitors is to add a killer feature – what’s the original functionality to force users to prefer your product? VR/AR tours, mortgage calculator, meticulously thought-out search – what it will be, it’s up to you. Have you got any ideas?

Feedback gathering

Three Steps Towards a Digital Enterprise

Since the picture of the product is drawn in your head, get over to fledgling it into something tangible. You can quote for preliminary estimation of the product in different agencies and select the one that you feel is on the same vibe with you. When the contractor is determined, get over to the essential steps for building a startup. 

  1. Devise UI/UX design 

A clickable prototype of the real estate mobile app empowers you to see how the product will really look and what the navigation is like. 

  1. Converting a prototype into an MVP

If the disposition of the elements satisfy you as well as the colorful palette, fonts, illustrations and other constituents of the product, turn it into the fully functional version. An MVP presupposes a perfect implementation of the limited set of the features. 

  1. Scaling the product 

After gathering feedback on MVP you’ll see the points where the product should be polished. With making improvements and adding new features, you can perform a really sought-after real estate mobile app

 in the market. 

Which are the Core Benefits of the Product?

When we’re talking about the main advantages of a real estate mobile app, we can point that such a solution rewards participants of the market with opportunities to resolve various issues from the comfort of their home. Whatever the task is: to sell or buy an apartment or house, evaluate it, rent the room or make an investment in the industry, the digital service is a cute magic wand for achieving goals. It has been estimated that more than 80 percent of prospective home buyers under the age of 42 prefer to use a mobile or tablet device for searching. What’s more interesting, after selecting a home online, more than half of the buyers make a visit to it in person.

And if you want to create a profitable project, catch the trend and take a place in the niche. 

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